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Couch 2 10km

Couch210km_logoWelcome to the Couch 2 10km program. We help hundreds of ‘real’ people take their first steps off the couch, start running and complete 10km. The program is designed for beginner runners who have a goal to run 5km then 10km without walking.

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Couch210km program cycles in 2018

Whilst you can join in anytime, below are the official starting dates for each of the 13 week cycles in 2018

Program 1: 30 October – 28 January 2018 – CURRENT
Program 2: 29 January – 29 April 2018
Program 3: 30 April – 29 July 2018
Program 4: 30 July – 28 October 2018

About the Couch 2 10km program

The intraining Couch 2 10km program was founded to create a structure for people interested in running, but who may be too shy, worried or apprehensive to join a ‘running group’. The Couch 2 10km coaches will help to transform you from a non-runner to a runner completing 10km without walking. Some have enjoyed it so much that they have joined the intraining Marathon School in search of reaching another milestone. If you have ever wanted to run, but didn’t know where to start, the intraining Couch 2 10km program can help get you there.

The Couch 2 10km is

Is the program for me?

If you can answer yes to the questions below, then the Couch 2 10km program may be what you are looking for to transform your life in 2018.

How does the program work?

Every 13 weeks a new plan starts, however you can join in at any time during the year. The program is supported by our beginners groups held at Huxtable Park – Chermside, Park road – Milton and Cleveland Point on Monday nights as well as Wednesday nights. Click here to see full list of all training sessions.

Quick facts


Cost: Free to join. $10 per session ($5 discount if you are an intraining club member)
Who can join: Anyone can join, there is no need to be an intraining club member.

Couch 2 10km graduates and stories

Name: Donna Buckley
Starting running time: 2mins without stopping
Goal achieved: 10km running non stop
Click here to read more about Donna’s story

Name: Catrin Waye
Starting running time: 5mins without stopping
Goal achieved: 10km running non stop
Click here to read more about Catrin’s story