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200x200_fact_2Runners are always looking for ways to become faster, and more capable of completing longer distances. Running form modification is commonly discussed, and there are so many different answers, techniques, and pieces of advice given. The team from intraining Running Injury Clinic are experienced runners, practitioners and coaches.

The 2017 form workshop series will assist with improved control & coordination.  The workshop will provide participants with an overview of different types of running gaits, biomechanical reasons behind these, and an understanding of how and when improvements in running form can be beneficial.

Date: Saturday 28 Jan, 4th Feb, 11th Feb 2017
Time slots available:
Session 1: 3:00pm:
Those new to running form
Session 2: 4:30pm: Advanced running form and drills
Cost: $99.00 for 3 sessions
Duration: 70mins each week for 3 weeks
Location: University of Queensland Athletics Track – Car park
What to Wear/Bring: Towel, water bottle, running shoes, running clothing

For more information: Call the injury clinic on 07 3367 3088 or email us

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Running Form Workshop 2017

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Session 1:    New to formwork & beginners
Time: 3:00pm

The first session each week is ideal for people who are new to running such as beginners (trying to run 5km, or 10km) and to those who have never focused on their running form. The experienced team of intraining physiotherapy, podiatry and running coaches will assist in further development of your running technique.

Prerequisite: None required

What to expect in your 70min session

  • Theories & evidence of running technique
  • Running technique analysis
  • Core strength & stability exercises
  • Practical running drills
  • Footwear analysis

Session 2:    Advanced running form for seasoned runners and those who have attended a running form workshop in the past
Time: 4:30pm

The second session each week for the workshop is ideal for runners who have participated in a previous running form workshop. The session will focus on improving your running technique through drills and provide the theoretical background on how to run more efficiently. The experienced team of intraining physiotherapy, podiatry 200x200_fact_1and running coaches will assist in further development of your running technique.

Prerequisite: Need to be able to run 27 mins or faster for 5km

What to expect in your 70min session

  • Lighter foot strike
  • Increased power at propulsion
  • Strength to reduce form faults when fatigued
  • Decrease the risk of injury

Why do a Running Form Workshop in Summer?

LongRunThe best time to look at improving your running form is between seasons, after recovering from injury, following a growth spurt, or even when your running is less of a focus in the summer months. The comprehensive three part running form workshop series will provide runners with the tools needed to understand and execute correct running form during your day to day training.

Who is this for?

  • Experienced runners: This does not only mean fast. The session will develop and fine tune your technique.
  • Beginner runners: The first session at 3:00pm form workshop will be a great way to ensure your running technique develops correctly over time. We will address bad habits early on to ensure you have a happy injury free running experience.

Get ready to transform your running with the intraining Running Injury Clinic Running Form Workshop series in 2017.

NOTE: It is recommended that you do not participate in the practical component of the workshop if you are injured. You may still gain benefit from attending and observing the session.