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Training sessions

intraining Running & Triathlon Club offer a range of training sessions across Brisbane which cater to all abilities and running requirements.

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intraining Club Training Sessions

Speed sessions

Speed sessions are shorter hard repeated efforts where you practice race pacing and over pace sessions. intraining offer a wide range of speed sessions weekly in both early morning prior to work and evening after work throughout the year.

Threshold sessions

Threshold sessions are where you run at an uncomfortable effort and can only hold brief conversion. Designed to increase cardiovascular capacity. intraining offer a range of sessions at various locations to help increase your fitness.

Long Runs

Long runs are designed to build strength and endurance and are often over distance. intraining offer weekly long runs from various locations incorporating ‘on course’ water stops and a group of intraining singlets some 100-150 strong.

Cross Country

Throughout Winter, intraining members attend a weekly running cross country at various locations across Brisbane.

Track sessions

Shorter timed repetitions over a measured distance. Great group workout where everyone is within 400m of one another – regardless of ability. intraining offer track workouts weekly at the University of Queensland.

Trail running

Summer months are ideal for a change of scenery and a little respite in the shaded forests in Brisbane. intraining offer coached trail runs across Brisbane throughout the summer months.