Meet the team

At intraining Running Injury Clinic our podiatrists help diagnose and treat running related injuries to get you back to doing what you enjoy.

All of our podiatry team are avid runners and/or triathletes at the clinic and understand how frustrating it can be having an injury.

Our podiatrists

Bachelor of Podiatry | Running Coach

Steve Manning

Steve is a podiatrist at intraining Running Injury Clinic. Operating at Milton and Indooroopilly Stores
Bachelor of Podiatry | Running Coach

Margot Manning

Margot Manning is a Podiatrist, Coach, and Runner. She has been practicing Podiatry since 2006, and has owned intraining Running Centre with her husband, Steve, since 1990. Margot has coached recreational athletes since 1989 and in the last 5 years has been coaching junior athletes and children. As an athlete, Margot has competed on the track, over cross country and in road races from 5km to the marathon at state and national levels.

Margot does enjoy trying to inspire a life long love of running and works to help runner, and walkers manage their injuries, footwear and exercise to remain active.
Bachelor Podiatry and Physiotherapy

Doug James

Doug James is a qualified Physiotherapist and Podiatrist with a focus on running and sports injuries. Additionally he has undertaken further training in Dry Needling and where necessary, incorporates this as part of treatment at the Milton and Indooroopilly clinics.

Doug has spent over a decade working in the sports footwear interest and recognises the benefit of a correctly prescribed shoe as a means of reducing injury risk.

Doug has competed in several marathons, and triathlon events. Having had a successful 2014 season, he’s training for the New York City marathon in 2015.
Bachelor of Podiatry and Human Movements | Running coach

Emily Donker

Emily graduated in 2013 with a dual Bachelor degree in Human Movement Studies and Health Science (Podiatry).

Emily has been a part of the intraining team since 2009 and has recently joined the clinical team as a podiatrist.

, Emily thoroughly enjoys the challenge and rewarding nature helping injured athletes get back to what they love doing.

Being a runner and triathlete, Emily has experienced injuries first hand and understands and empathises with those who are currently injured.

Emily is also a qualified running coach which further assists her ability to provide an ongoing approach to rehabilitation by prescribing interim training plans and modifications.