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Meet the staff at intraining Running Centre

Get to know your running specialist at intraining Running Centre retail stores at Milton and Indooroopilly

Our footwear specialists

Emily Donker

Podiatrist, runner, footwear specialist

I started at intraining in 2009 whilst studying podiatry. I now work as a Podiatrist in our Injury Clinic, but occasionally you’ll find me on the shop floor assisting with sales. I’m a runner and triathlete, and believe that I have lots of knowledge, experience and understanding to offer to our customers. I enjoy helping our customers; imparting knowledge and assisting them to find the gear that will inspire them to achieve their goals, however big or small they may be. It’s great to be a part of such an amazing work environment that supports what I believe in – the importance of having and enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle.

Being involved in the intraining community for so long has definitely inspired me to become a better athlete, and I hope that our ethos encourages many people to do the same. I race competitively in both triathlon and running events, but have more recently been racing less due to injury.

I aspire to become a better, more dedicated, and less injured athlete. In doing so I can hopefully achieve my goals of a sub 80min half marathon, as well as completing my first full marathon, and one day an Ironman.
Dan Symonds

Runner, coach, footwear specialist

I have been running now for over 12 years all over the world. Some of my achievements have been completing ultra marathons in Canada, 24hr Worlds Toughest Mudder in America and running 137.2km 12hr. My goals for the future is focusing on my 100km races and hope to crack 145kms for the 12hr in the near future. I'm also looking to challenge mind and body in a few 24hr and 48hr races.

Running has helped me learn a lot about myself and sharing my experiences with others is greatly rewarding. I love running and everything it involves, from the best local run loops through to advice on GPS watches, nutrition and footwear; I am eager to help runners of all abilities enjoy the sport.
Theresa Fabian

Injury clinic manager, runner

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Clare Williams

Runner, footwear specialist

I’m Clare and I have enjoyed working at intraining since 2012. I love watching runners thrive within the friendly, supportive environment Intraining provides for runners of all ages and abilities.

I love that running allows all people to achieve personal goals and challenges (no matter what their speed) and embrace positive lifestyle choices along the way.

Personally, I hope to run the best marathon I can, but even if that day doesn’t come, the joy of running and being part of such a supportive community is reward enough.
Ashleigh Harding

Runner, footwear specialist

My name is Ashleigh and I have been working at intraining since 2012. I have been a member of intraining since 2007 focusing on running and triathlons for a period of time.

I am currently studying Secondary Education majoring in Physical Education, and an accredited coach with Queensland Athletics. I enjoy spreading my passion with others whether it’s a runner or from an educational stand point.

My ongoing goals are to improve my own personal bests whilst still having fun and sharing that enjoyment with others.
Liam Woollett

Runner, footwear specialist

I have been working at intraining since early 2014 and I really enjoy hearing stories about the amazing people who come buy shoes from us. There's a whole running community around intraining and everyone is always welcomed in open arms, it makes running more enjoyable for everyone involved.

I'm really interested in nutrition and making sure runners of all abilities have the perfect shoe fit (and if I can, shoe colour too). My goal for next year is to have an injury free season, get through a half marathon in under 70 minutes, and run under 15 minutes for 5km.

Drop by the store for a chat, I am always keen to meet new people and hear about all the running stories out there.
Hamish Hamilton

Runner, footwear specialist

I have been working at intraining since 2014. I really enjoy the variety of people I meet who visit the store. Whether you are a just starting out or a veteran everyone brings something new to the table and I enjoy listening your stories and achievements however big or small.

As a runner myself I enjoy sharing running adventures and try to assist in providing knowledge regarding every aspect of running. I strive to make sure every person who visits intraining is equipped with the knowledge and tools to enjoy running even more.

What I love about running is it gives you the flexibility and freedom to do run anywhere at any time.

I believe it is one of the few sports that can truly show your personality and character. My goals for the future are to reach (or go under!) 15 minutes for 5km, and improve my times over all other distances.
Nathan Fittock

Runner, footwear specialist

I am a third year podiatry student and enjoy applying my knowledge to assist in footwear fittings. It is a great feeling when I can advise on the most appropriate shoe and a customer is happy with how a shoe feels.

I enjoy running because it is one of the “purest” ways to be competitive and get physically fit, helping me to stay healthy and get the most out of life.
Ben Harwin

Runner, footwear specialist, podiatry student

I have been working at intraining since 2014 and especially love the atmosphere that comes with working here. It's always great to have people coming in who are like minded and love running too.

Being a podiatry student, I'm able to offer specific advise and knowledge which I've learnt and continue to learn from my degree. Being a runner as well helps me to work the two together and provide as much insight to the customer as possible.

I am a runner too and currently looking to break 17.30 for 5km. Running is more than just a sport, it provides a sense of freedom. No matter how I'm feeling, I know that I can go for a run and come back feeling better.
Daniel Manning

Runner, footwear specialist

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Muriel Mclean

Runner, footwear specialist

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James Bell

Runner, footwear specialist

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