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26 May

The OOFOS Thong

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Meet OOFOS – Revolutionising recovery footwear

Podiatrist and runner at intraining Running Centre

Podiatrist, coach and runner at intraining Running Centre

Heel pain can be quite difficult to manage and can take months to heal. Footwear is a major factor in the management of this pain, and often requires more than one shoe to be worn at different times to cope with the different levels of pain on any given day. The most effective shoes for pain relief are cushioned shoes such as running shoes.

However, there sometimes is the need to wear something simple and easy to slip on and off. NEW to intraining Running Centre are the OOFOS ‘flip flops’. These are a very cushioned and contoured thong offering 37% more impact absorption compared to performance running shoes.

Benefits of OOFOS

  • 37% more impact absorption compared to running shoes
  • Cradles the arch offering running shoe like support in a thong
  • Relieves pressure on back, ankles, hips and knees
  • Promotes natural foot movement

As a podiatrist, I have always avoided thongs. However, after introducing OOFOS into my shoe collection over the last 18 months, I can confidently feel ‘safe’ as a runner to wear something other than runners when my own heels become sore. Are you ready to introduce your feet to OOFOS?


A bit chilly for just OOFOS?

We have found the perfect match for your OOFOS thong this winter. Combine your OOFOS thong with Injinji performance toe socks and enjoy an extra level of comfort.