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Look after your running body, learn how to stop niggles, or get management plans to keep you running.

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Running Groups

Join one of our friendly running groups.

Training plan

Training Programs

Be more accountable to your training with a customised training plan that gives you specific sessions tailored to your running goals  


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Book Personalised Program

We love to talk running, and share your running stories.  

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intraining Triathlon and Running Club

Join the club for discounts, merchandise, insurance and more.

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Set Your Goals

Get ready to set your goals for 2024!



A practical workshop to learn the cues and movement patterns useful to improve your running

Steve Margot Runtalk

RunTalk Podcast

We love to talk running, and share your running stories.  


video blog

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Dead Shoe

The ‘Dead Shoe Test’ involves bending the front half of the shoe in half.

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Maximalist Shoes & Rocker Soles

The maximalist shoe is characterised by its increased stack height and a rocker sole.
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Amanda’s Marathon Journey

Amanda Cutlack with intraining’s RUNTALK presenters Steve and Margot.

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Asics Metaspeed

Steve discusses the stride vs cadence philosophy to help you run faster.