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3 ways to help your Pain in the heel

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Pain in the heels is annoying.

There are several possible injuries causing this, but the most commonly known is Plantar fasciosis (fasciitis) As a podiatrist I like to use a few different products and management strategies before heading down the orthotic pathway
1. Update your Shoes: Check your shoes are not too old. This is the most commom cause, and often it’s our work or dress shoes that contribute to the ongoing problem.  You’ll be surprised at how a shoe with fresh or new support will help.  

2. Change your shoes during the day: Give your foot a different ‘mould’ to stand on.  Subtle changes in the shoes will give your feet a different sensory feedback, taking the pressure off the ‘sore spots’. 

3.  Avoid barefee:  Wear a supportive thong or shoe at home.  Most people have hard floors and it’s easy to kick off your shoes as soon as you get home from work or running. Sadly, being barefooted worsens heel pain.  I will nearly always prescribe a sports thong like OOFOS.  The cushioning and support in these thongs take the load off your foot and heel.  Over time, you are likely to go back to your barefoot habits, but make sure your feet feel good first. 


None of these are the silver bullet in curing plantar fascia pain, they’re a great adjunct treatment for sufferers of Plantar Fasciopathy. 

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Article by Margot Manning Podiatrist, coach and runner