Here's how you can run faster....

Brooks Hyperion Elite

Propel yourself with a speedy toe off!!

The Hyperion Elite will speed your foot's transition from heel to forefoot on every step. It's carbon fibre propulsion plate creaties a unique spine construction that gives a stiffness to create a better lever for your foot to move with more power and less effort.

Combine this speedy propulsion moment with incredibly responsive cushioning . Every step will be more powerful and more efficient. For you, the means a FASTER RUN!

Who's it for: Runners from under 20 minutes to under 25 minutes should give this s a try. Come and test run them in store.

ONLY 11 pairs in Queensland, all at intraining Running Centre.

PRICE: $399.95

Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Run lighter, feel more refreshed, and be faster with the Brooks Hyperion Tempo.

This nitrogen infused miidsole gives you a much more responsive trainer. You have the benefit of super comfy cushioning, and great energy return. These shoes are perfect if you want something to help you run faster in your your speedwork and for your race days.

Recreational runners.... You will love this one

If you wear the Brooks Ghost, Glycerin and Launch these will be your perfect alternative race shoe.

PRICE: $399.95

Steve 'The Footman' Says...

The availability of Carbon Plate shoes is huge for so many more runners than the elite. 

Here's 5 quick reasons why  a carbon plate racing shoe can make you faster:

  • Light weight: Reducing the weight of your shoes has a significant impact on your efficiency. Your feet are the part of your body that moves the most when you run. By trimming weight off there you can reduce your energy demands saving limited glycogen reserves for later.

  • Stiffness = efficiency: The mass-spring model of running biomechanics is a mathematical equation that explains that as the system moves towards greater stiffness efficiency increases. The carbon plate creates midsole bending stiffness at the forefoot reducing or preventing flexion of the big toe joint. Anytime a joint flexes the system loses power. When you prevent flexion at the big toe joint it creates stiffness up the kinetic chain.

  • More power: The carbon plate directs more power where it is needed into the ground. One of the benefits of a stiff forefoot is that the force you are creating is focused where it is most effective. This gives you a feeling that you are popping off the ground when running.

  • A change in function: When you significantly alter the function of the forefoot by increasing bending stiffness it alters the mechanics of other structures as well. With improved mechanical efficiency there is a change in function. This change in function may lead to increased injury risk in some runners. For this reason it appears that different runners may benefit from different shoes.

  • The Placebo effect. This might still be the most important factor. If you think these shoes will make you faster than maybe they can. Unfortunately due to the obvious difference between these shoes and a traditional racer it is impossible to do a blinded research study that would be needed to identify the power of the placebo effect.

The most common question I am asked...

Can I wear these shoes?

Steve's response is that these shoes are going to suit more people than just the elite and you won't really know until you try them. BUT.... IF you are a heel striker and can run under 25 minutes for 5km, then there is more of a chance that they could make you run faster. 

Be elite in your own right

Hurry in and grab yours now!!!

Come and try the shoes on our track in-store...

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About Steve Manning 'The Footman'

 Steve Manning 'the footman'...

Steve has worked since the early 1980s to create opportunities for runners of all abilities to pursue their running goals, to establish and maintain a healthy balance of sport, health and work in their lifestyle and to connect with other like-minded and supportive runners. He has done this by creating a community of runners, coaches, sporting podiatrists, physiotherapists and a retail team with a large focus on inclusion and collaboration. He loves runners and how running can change people’s lives. These are intraining Running Centre (Speciality running retail store), intraining Running Injury Clinic with a focus on podiatry and physiotherapy for runners), intraining Training Groups, intraining Running & Triathlon Club. 

Steve is the owner of intraining Running Centre and began working in the store while still a student at school. He graduated with Podiatry (Hons) in 2001 but while studying was instrumental in establishing the Queensland Sports Podiatry Group, Steve has been on the board of Sports Medicine Australia Queensland branch since 2006. He is an Associate Lecturer (Podiatry) at QUT in Sports Medicine.

Running….  Steve has run 24 marathons and competed over all distances from the track cross country and the road. His PB's are 14:52 for 5000M, 30:41 for 10,000M and has run a 2:33 Marathon.  He is a Level 3 IAAF Running coach and has coached 5 national junior champions. He loves educating runners of all abilities and experience. Through the intraining Marathon School Steve has coached thousands of runners over the last 30 years.

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