Is your goal to run faster and finish feeling strong?

Do you want to know what is the right way to do your long runs?

Maybe, you just want to learn to run 5k or 10k without stopping....


OPENING January 31st, 2021


It's amazing when you get your finisher's medal... BUT it's sensational when you know you mastered your pacing and become that runner passing runners, not the one being passed!!

Runners School is a proven and trusted program that will help you learn how to run faster, longer and stronger.

"I absolutely loved runners school and definitely credit the program for my success."

"I am now running much more consistent 5k's, have taken 17 minutes off my half marathon time, and completed my first full marathon, without slowing down at all in the second half."

Scott White, intraining Runners School - Marathoner, 2019

"We help runners to train for a Marathon, Half Marathon or 10km by teaching pacing strategies through a structured training program, tips, strategies, seminars and a supportive community of friendly and like-minded runners and coaches"

Steve & Margot Manning, intraining Running Centre directors , Founders of intraining''s training groups , intraining Running & Triathlon Club, and Runners School

Listen to our runner's stories

Matty Horston

intraining Coach and Marathoner

“I joined intraining marathon school after realising that running around the block was fine to train for a half marathon, but not for a 42.2 km. Then I saw how friendly and inclusive the intraining Club was… I was sold!”

Hear more about Matty’s 3 motivators: ‘Yearning, Learning & Earning’ which he learnt through intraining’s Marathon School.

Donna Buckley

"I was euphoric coming over the finish line and was smiling for hours afterwards thinking how far I had come with intraining from not being able to run for 2 minutes on my first night to running 10km, and now many half marathons."


Darren Manson

"I am a marathoner"

"Thank you intraining for your coaching, support and friendship. What an amazing journey."


Julia Briskey

"I never believed I could have achieved so much, in such a short time"

It’s not only the running, intraining also support their members with seminars on nutrition, stretching, race planning and tactics, footwear and race equipment. I have learnt so much, I didn’t realise there was so much more to running than a good pair of comfortable shoes."


Amanda Cutluck

"Sheer Elation... it was just amazing. 

I don’t think I’d have been able to do it without having the intraining Marathon School support. They gave me the tools to achieve all the goals from the 5km, 10km, half marathon and finally the marathon. Running’s definitely changed my life.” LISTEN HERE.

Steven Poon

"I would not have achieved my dream of calling myself a marathoner without intraining, the Marathon School, the intraining club and training groups." LISTEN HERE (audio only)

Setting Running Goals is HUGE!!! 

Read what to do below...

Are you a Beginner runner??

Beginner Runners

 Learn to Run with confidence with our Couch 2 Run program

Get the right advice that will nurture you and support you. 

This will change the hard slog of running to be enjoyable.

You'll meet so many more people like you who were: 

Afraid of feeling too slow, 

Frustrated from not improving

But now feel connected, more confident and enjoy running.

Are Marathons or Half Marathons your goal?

Marathon School is best for you

5 Key Strategies to run a marathon and half marathon

  1.  A TRAINING Plan with long runs, speed sessions and other runs that will progress weekly to your goal race day. 
  2.  ONLINE LESSONS on all the different aspects of training and racing you want to know.
  3.  PACING STRATEGIES to run smarter, faster and stronger more easily.
  4.  A RACE STRATEGY to run at your best on your BIG day. 
  5.  CONNECTING with a community of supportive coaches and runners.

PLUS......You'll be confident to run and 

Organise your TIME, Avoid and Manage INJURIES, stay MOTIVATED, and finish FASTER and STRONGER 


You will 

  • Discover new strengths
  •  Create new Friendships 
  •  Get a lifestyle you never imagined. 

JOIN US....we can't wait to see you!!

REGISTRATION OPENS January 31st, 2021

Make your running year a success. 

Finish your races with a smile



They all love running.

They have all experienced their own running journey within our Runners School and the intraining Community. They know how you feel, what you want and will help you get there.

Your intraining COMMUNITY 


"People have achieved running dreams they thought impossible. 

heir lives have changed and they become part of a supportive running family. 

Running has become their lifestyle."

Steve Manning

intraining Coaching Director

What is included:



16 weeks pre-planned for you:

Take the worry out of thinking what and how as our plan gives you::  

    • with our groups or at home.
  • THRESHOLD runs 
    • for speed endurance.
  • A LONG RUN plan 
    • scheduled towards goal RACES 
  • Phases of  training for progressive improvement 

NOTE: This is NOT an individualised training program. 



 University style lessons for online learning

Learn :

  • Pacing strategies to run smarter & confidently.
  • Injury prevention and management of niggles.
  • Mindful motivational strategies  when running gets hard.
  • Balancing running routines with life. 
  • Race Day Strategies to run your best.
  • Strength exercises.
  • Nutrition tips for training and racing.
  • Improving your Running From.



4  key elements to Stay connected:

1.  Monthly  Email Checkins

You can let us know how you're going. 

2.  Private Face Book Page

An incredible community of runners.

3.  Monthly Q&A

.4.  HELP LINE....  direct to intraining's podiatry team

You've got a niggle, we want to be there to help



Train with our groups or follow the program at home... 

You will always have a coach at your finger tips to ask questions and bounce ideas off.

Get the Support from coaches in the closed Runners School Facebook page or at the intraining training group sessions.


 You will meet runners of your pace who will:

  • join you on your long runs
  • keep you at pace in your speed work
  • support you when tired and celebrate with you when you succeed
  • and will be happy to talk running...all the time!!


When you Join the MARATHON School,  we will customise your weekend long runs for FREE

The most common struggle runners have is knowing how far to run each weekend.  

Your Individualised Long Run plan will give you exactly what you need to run every weekend in the lead up to your goal race. 

No more guessing how far to run. No more mistakes of running too hard. 

This is a HUGE Saving. 

Individualised training plans are normally $79- per 6 weeks and have a major focus on your weekend long runs, and pacing. 

With the Runners School, you get the long run plan for FREE!!


If you can answer yes to the questions below, then you will love intraining’s RUNNERS SCHOOL.

Do you want to run a full or half marathon? 

Do you want to run a 10km one day?

Do you need to fit in running around your life?

Can you commit to 3-4 days of training a week?

Want to make friends and enjoy your running?


Don't worry.... the online  format of Runners School makes the course more accessible so you can still work towards your running goals if you don't live in Brisbane, or travel a lot for work. 

The program is NOT an INDIVIDUALISED TRAINING PROGRAM. You can book in at our clinic to see Steve or Margot  HERE if you want something more personalised.  

It is NOT for you if you are injured now or have medical conditions that will be made worse with running.  

How much does it cost?

"The Runners School fee does NOT include the intraining Running & Triathlon Club membership" 

Marathon / Half Marathon

with the RUNNERS School Program



$225 intraining club members



**intraining Adult Membership $70

This is an additional fee, and 

totally worth it!!



PLUS Personalised Pacing Plan

3 check in appointments


$350 intraining club members


**intraining Adult Membership $70

This is an additional fee, and 

totally worth it!!


"The Runners School fee does NOT include the intraining Running & Triathlon Club membership"  

Most people who join Runners School, join the intraining Club


5k to 10k 

with the Couch 2 10k Program

The Learn to Run Package includes:

  • 12 WEEK TRAINING PLAN    Valued at $120
  • Customised Set up Appointment  Valued $79
  • 6 Week Check in Appointment  Valued $79
  • ONLINE LESSONS  Valued $500


intraining Club member  $199 

**intraining Adult Membership $70- to be paid extra a one off fee until October 1st.



TERM 2: 25th APRIL

This is more of what our runner's say...


I'm really busy... How do I fit this in?

Yes, the runners we have had in the past have been from all walks of life. CEO’s of engineering firms to shift workers. The intraining Marathon School program is written to be achievable. Many of our past runners who travel or have tricky routines, have also booked in for an individualised training plan to complement their learning. 

What if I can’t make a session?

This is the part we are excited to be developing with you. As we develop the online format will be giving you support as you travel, raise your kids, work or live outside of Brisbane. You will have the programs and you will be able to ask the questions in the Facebook groups, We will cheer you as much as possible online as we do if you are running with the groups too. 

I can only run for 5kms at the moment, is there enough time to train for a half or full marathon?

Great Question!!! Yes, and this is why we have developed Runners School. It is designed to take you along the your road map at YOUR PACE... So when you have achieved your distance, you will be ask the questions to help get you on to the next phase of training towards the half, and then the next phase again towards a marathon... if that's what you want!!

I have had an injury in the past when I run long distances, will this affect anything?

The intraining Runners School is designed on 3 days of running per week, each are quality sessions. We focus on a less is more approach. Whilst we can not guarantee you will not get injured, our program is designed on a progressive approach where each week builds on the previous, allowing your body to adapt to the training load. Plus you are in a place where you can ask questions to our team of running podiatrists. 

Which school is better for me, half or full marathon school or the Couch 2 10k?

It is best to be realistic about your goals. If you aren't sure, you can book in for a FREE 15 minute chat with one of our coaches. If you believe you can complete a marathon, we say go for it. However, remember that a marathon is a long way and it is best to be prepared and enjoy the event, rather than struggling through and not finishing. Ask our coaches for advice if you are unsure on distance you wish to attempt. The runners school is a program to help you travel along at your pace. 

Is the intraining club membership included in the intraining Runners School Fee?

NO, the club membership is an annual fee you will need to pay October 1st each year - but is is required to be a part of the intraining Runners School 2020 fee. The club membership includes a ‘Base Membership’ with QLD Athletics. The membership also includes complimentary insurance whilst you are training.

I am already a current club member, do I need to pay the club membership again?

NO, this will be worked with your membership.

Are the session training fees included in the intraining Marathon School Fee?

No, the intraining Runners School fee does not include training fees. Training fees are on a pay per session basis and cost $5 per session to RUNNERS SCHOOLER'S

What do I get for my intraining Runners School fee?

Please have a look at the "What is included section" on the page above. 

NOTE: The RUNNERS SCHOOL TRAINING PLAN are NOT individualised training plans. You can book in with one of our coaching team to have a personalised plan written for you. Book an Appointment

Contact Us

The first step in achieving your dreams of running a half or full marathon in 2020, starts with us. Please don’t be shy, if you have a question – simply send us an email. We will get back to you with the answers to your questions. Remember, there are no silly questions.    So please ask away!

Email: [email protected] or CALL 07 3367 3088.

About Runner's School 

and the intraining Community

intraining Running Centre, the intraining Runners School, the intraining training groups and the intraining Running & Triathlon Club were founded and developed by Steve Manning (level 4 Athletics Coach & podiatrist) and Margot Manning (Level 2 Athletics Coach and podiatrist) more than 30 years ago. 

His goal was to create a community and training structure for social and recreational athletes of all abilities to train for a marathon or half marathon, and to provide recreational runners with a community. The running groups were the foundation for runners to learn, train and meet. Since then, runners have become coaches and helped developed the  intraining  groups and club into the strong community it is today. 

The intraining Running & Triathlon Club was established as a membership base to give our community of recreational and competitive runners opportunities to compete and connect in a way that had not previously been available. intraining Running Centre with their team of coaches has helped coach and support thousands of athletes over the past 30 years to achieve goals they never thought possible. 

The intraining RUNNERS SCHOOL provides a supportive environment of experienced coaches who are dedicated to help you achieve your own personal goals. Their enthusiasm and love of running has helped grow the community. The intraining Runners School is a combination of our Marathon School and Couch 2 10km programs which welcomes beginner and advanced runners with the goal of finishing a half or full marathon, or to learn to run 5km & 10km.

intraining Running Centre's mission statement is "To share the love of Running with the community" and on the basis of this that all aspects of intraining have been developed. 

is supported by: intraining Running Centre, the intraining Running & Triathlon Club and your running injury podiatry and physiotherapy team at the intraining Running Injury Clinic.




The intraining Runners School Programs have been adapted to support vision impaired and hearing impaired runners with the Every Couch 2 10k and Marathon access Program, proudly supported by BCC Access and Inclusion Community Partnership Program, the intraining Running & Triathlon Club, and in collaboration with Achilles Brisbane and the hearing impaired community.

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