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About intraining

Welcome to the intraining Running Centre online

Our goal at intraining is to share the joy of running with the community.  We are the one stop running shop where you can find the best advice for all your running needs.  We help people of all abilities find the best pair of running shoes to suit you.

Our sports injury clinic and rehab studio can help in assessing injuries and also offer comprehensive workshops focusing on running technique and core stability.

intraining has one of Australia’s biggest running and triathlon clubs with multiple coached sessions all over Brisbane.

intraining organise and manage many of Brisbane’s biggest events including the Twilight Running Festival and the Twilight Bay Run.

The intraining Running Centre is the second oldest running specialist store in Australia and was established in 1979.

The founders

Steve Manning has worked at the store since its beginning and became the owner in September 1990. Steve’s wife Margot, has since joined the business. Together they work to create opportunities for athletes of all abilities to pursue their running goals and to establish and maintain a healthy balance of sport, health and work in their lifestyle.

Steve and Margot Manning

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