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Are you compressed?


Get ready to be compressed

It is no secret that compression is a technology that has quantifiable benefits that can assist in helping muscles recover quicker, reduce fatigue and essentially enable your muscles to go harder for longer. With the myriad of different compression brands and technologies available it can often become confusing to figure out which brand and type of compression will work best for you. The three major players we have available in full length compression are; Skins, 2XU and CEP with their tailor made made of recovery compression tights, ‘CloneTec’.

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Check out our summary of benefits within each brand and how these may suit your preferred usage. Ranging from active usage through reduced muscle vibration passive usage such as sitting at work after a session with your recovery compression working its magic.


Skins Compression Technology


2XU Compression Technology

2XU have long been in the industry and have a range of compression tights to suit various activities from activity through to specific recovery tights.

Elite Range

Performance range

Recovery range



CEPCompressionCEP Compression Technology

Clone Tech – Made to measure

Keen to find out more about CloneTec? Join us for the free information evening on Thursday 27 April at 7pm at intraining Running Centre, Milton. Click here to find out more

Whether following a hard race, a long training run or a hard workout, compression garments can facilitate recovery and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.

If you are still unsure about how to select the best compression for you, visit us at intraining Running Centre and we can help compress you and maximise your potential.