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Why the ASICS Kayano 29 is a good high mileage training shoe

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Why the ASICS Kayano 29 is a good high mileage training shoe

By Steve Manning “The  Footman” – intraining Podiatrist & Lvl 4 Coach

In a previous shop newsletter, I suggested 3 reasons to use Stability Shoes:

    1. Manage injuries related to pronation
    2. Better support for slower running
    3. Increased shoe durability

In this newsletter, I would like to highlight a particular stability shoe the Asics Kayano 29.

For many years the Asics Kayano was the most popular running shoe sold in Australia. The reason for this popularity was the versatility and comfort of this shoe. It was a reliable shoe in the high-mileage training category. Perfect for long runs and durable enough to push past the 800km mark for many runners. Asics kept a winning formula with the Kayano rather than trying to change it for change’s sake.

However the current Kayano has benefitted by the improvements in materials technology. In particular the inclusion of FF Blast+ has improved the softness and energy return. However they have not compromised the stability thanks to the LiteTruss system which is multiple midsole densities that are greater on the medial, inside of the shoe. An external thermoplastic heel counter collar prevents deviation of the heel counter over time.

The Kayano 29 is a very plush shoe that maintains the stability that many runners need. Medial ankle pain, shin pain and knee pain can be a direct result of inadequate medial control in a shoe. The Kayano is one of the premier stability shoes available.

Because of it’s popularity there are multiple colour options.  There is also a knitted upper option with a sock fit – no tongue.  The Kayano Lite 3 is another option that has a softer feel and uses GuidanceLine rather than LiteTruss for its stability. A kids version of the Kayano uses FF blast and does not have the heel counter collar but incorporates all of the premier technology of the adult Kayano.

For the month of June, we are offering all Kayano 29 at a special discount of $200. This is the perfect time to try out the Kayano if you need some extra support for your feet.

Steve Manning

Steve Manning "The Footman"

Steve has been a running shoe aficionado for the last 4 decades and as the owner of intraining Running Centre has helped thousands of runners find the perfect shoe. He is a member of the Footman Biomechanics Group of the International Society of Biomechanics and a previous President of the Qld branch of Sports Medicine Australia. As a Podiatrist specialising in running sports injury prevention he utilises footwear prescription and modification to keep you running. Contact Steve at the intraining Running Centre, [email protected] for all your footwear questions.