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Trail Shoe Wall


Run with confidence on the trails, knowing you:

A question we are frequently asked in the store is “Are trail shoes really needed?”

Trail Shoes

Trail shoes can make a big difference on your run, particularly over rougher terrain. Plus the wear and tear of the rough surfaces will decrease the lifespan of your road shoes.

Here are a 4 reasons why trail shoes are different to road shoes.


One of the main features of a  trail shoe is to provide support to both sides of your feet. Movement of your foot as it pivots and twists requires the shoes to be closer to the ground and able to move more closely to what is happening underneath.  Ultimately, this will minimise the risk of ankle injuries.


The mid foot or laced area of trail shoes should be snugger to help keep your foot in place as it moves over uneven terrain. Most trail shoes are designed to grab your foot and reduce in-shoe movement and slipping. Taking the time to try different shoes is important to match that tension to your foot shape.  


The soles of trail shoes are more rugged because you need to have more grip than road shoes. These are created with larger lugs and stickier rubber. The level of ruggedness you need will depend on how rough the terrain is that you are running over. There are several running shoes that are categorised as ‘all terrain’ (or ATR) to cater for anyone who is mixing road with trail and only wanting the one shoe. These shoes are designed to have more traction than a road shoe but less than the dedicated trail shoes.  


The uppers of trail running shoes are specially designed to stand up to the sticks and stones you are may encounter. The material is usually more durable than road shoe uppers while still trying to maintain the breathability needed for good foot health while running.  

Trail shoes will make off-road running safer and more comfortable. They will even make it a little more fun because you can focus more on the beauty of the bush than the difficulty of what you are running over.  


Stay Hydrated and Recover Well

Carrying water on the trails is necessary in our hot Queensland summers, and any time of year in fact. 

Ultimate Direction have designed gender specific packs – the Ultra Vesta for women and the Ultra Vest for men. Either of these would be a perfect addition to your trail running equipment.  

The straps at the front are not only adjustable, but slide up and down on built-in rails so you can find the perfect spot for them. There is a back cinching system, which allows you to adjust while you have it on.

The vests come with two soft flask water bottles (no sloshing!) that fit in front pockets. These pockets sit a bit higher than a lot of other hydration packs, this ensures more comfort for the well endowed.

There are other front pockets for storing gels, mobile phone etc. which means no awkward twisting or taking the pack off to get access to your gear.

The Ultra Vesta and Ultra Vest have been manufactured to be lightweight and highly breathable, using a mesh fabric on the back that feels smooth and never seems to result in “shirt creep”.

Come in to the store and try one on and you’ll discover they are not just versatile but also extremely comfortable.

See you on the road.

Hang on…  make that “See you on the trail!”

Tess – Running Fanatic

Tess Fabian