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Best shoe for you


The best shoe for you

At intraining we have always done things differently. That is because our focus is on finding the best shoe for you rather than just trying to sell the most expensive shoe. We believe in the long run a happy customer will return for the service only we provide.

A recent article written by Benno Nigg’s team out of the University of Calgary has given support to the unique and complimentary footwear fitting process at intraining Running Centre.

As a retailer, the challenge is to identify what each runner needed. At intraining Running Centre our staff are taught to let the person’s foot decide what was the best shoe. We don’t discuss technological shoe jargon with our customers. Instead we let you, the customer know how the shoe is supposed to feel when running. Your shoe should be comfortable and feel like there is even support on both sides of the feet.

The shoes should be quiet to run in with minimal slapping or pounding. The critical factor in selecting the ‘best’ shoe is to have the customer run in the shoes at their normal pace to see if their gait and the shoes were compatible.

We encourage you to run in one foot of each pair to have a real time comparison between models. In the process of educating our customers, we began to… Click here to read more here on a footwear paradigm shift…