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Blisters, Hot Feet … Sock it Up!


Blisters, Hot Feet … Sock it Up!


Never underestimate the importance of wearing good, technical running socks!!

Your feet will be so much more comfortable, and you won’t need to worry about blisters, or hot, sweaty feet.


Socks are the interface between your feet and your shoes, so getting the right fit and feel is imperative to ensuring comfort. High-quality, technical socks will ensure a healthier environment for your feet eliminate much of the heat, moisture and friction. This is the best way to reduce the risk of blistering, hot spots and other issues.


3 Reasons why Technical socks are worth the investment:


Anatomical Design

A number of brands are anatomically designed with a specific sock for each foot. This significantly enhances comfort and reduces friction by improving fit around the toes (especially Injinji) and through the arch (especially Features with their targeted compression).   


Materials & Fibres

Technical socks are usually comprised of synthetic fibres (eg. Coolmax), which are lightweight, breathable and wick moisture away from your feet to keep them cool and dry.

Elasticised fibres like Lycra, Elastane and Spandex further improve fit by allowing the socks to conform to your feet and prevent materials from bunching and sagging.


Fit & Sizing

Technical socks should be sized to fit, and generally, span across a small size range to provide an optimal fit and feel. Sock thickness is a matter of preference. Thicker socks do not provide more cushioning, but they can affect the fit of your shoes.  


intraining Running Centre offers an impressive range of technical socks, from many different brands, so it’s a great place to find socks to keep your feet happy.

Come and talk to our shop running team because they love their running socks!!  For more information Call or Email us.

By Emily Donker, intraining podiatrist, winner Goondawindi Hell of the West, 2019