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BROOKS Launch – The bridge between a trainer and racer

S21 Launch8 connect IG 1080x1080 4 scaled

Brooks Launch 8:  

The Bridge between a trainer and racer

Now available in neutral and stability versions.

When you first start running it is hard to know what shoe will be the best for you.  The more you run and the more strength and co-ordination you gain, the closer you get to your ideal running biomechanics.  This is when your shoe choice opens up to include multiple shoes for different conditions. 


As you increase your weekly kilometres and number of sessions there becomes a point when you should have multiple pairs of shoes.  That occurs for most people between 40 and 60 kilometres a week.  At this stage, you should try and have two different kinds of shoes.  That way the stress you put on your feet changes between runs and that helps reduce injury risk.


If you have a training shoe then it would be better for your second pair to be a lighter trainer to use for speedwork and races.  Not everyone should go straight to a racer or racer/trainer.  A better first step is a shoe like the Brooks Launch that bridges the gap between having a training shoe and having a racing shoe.


The Launch is about two-thirds of the weight of a high mileage trainer like the Adrenaline.  The reduction in weight is only one of the benefits.  It is also more flexible and firmer.  When you run in the Launch it gives less resistance during weightbearing so you do not have to fight the shoe as you run faster with a greater range of motion.  The firmer midsole means less loss of power in propulsion.  All three of these factors translate to faster running.


The Brooks Launch has been a very popular and successful shoe for many of the runners at my speed sessions.  Each Brand has shoes that are in this category of a lightweight trainer.  Why not drop into intraining at 535 Milton Rd Toowong and try them out.