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A super shoe for the trails

By The Footman, Steve Manning, Founder intraining Running Centre 

The Brooks Catamount is arguably the best performance trail shoe available. What makes this shoe unique is the use of the Brooks DNA Flash midsole which is what is also used in the Hyperion Elite. 

 Like most trail shoes it has a neutral midsole, a single piece rugged outsole and a protective rock shield.


What makes this shoe unique is the use of the Brooks DNA Flash midsole.  This nitrogen infused midsole is also used in their premier racing shoes the Hyperion Elite and Hyperion Tempo.  It offers a super soft bouncy initial feel with a firm ride for added stability.  The stack height falls between the Hyperion Elite and Tempo so the cushioning should be extra durable.  Thanks to the midsole this shoe feels lightweight, responsive and fast compared to traditional trail shoes.


The TrailTrack sticky rubber outsole gives outstanding uphill and downhill traction, even on slippery surfaces.  While the lower profile lugs may not work as well on muddy and loose surfaces they should be perfect on Brisbane’s well maintained trails.  This also means it can work on the road and trail. The Ballistic Rock Shield between the midsole and outsole will protect your feet from rocks and roots gives a more stable base on uneven ground. 


The upper has heaps of subtle features to help with trail running.  The half-bootie tongue construction helps keep debris out.  The 360° heat moulded Mud Guard provides protection against rocks, roots, and trail debris.  This offers some water resistance while the Drainage slits allow water to drain and disperse so your feet dry quickly.  The Gaiter locks on heel and tongue allows you to transform this shoe for orienteering or off-trail running.  There is a roomy fit around the toes with a wider toe box but is still firm through the midfoot and heel.  The seamless mesh upper breathes while gripping your foot securely.


This shoe is currently unique in that it draws from the super shoe technology that has transformed distance running in the last few years.  If you want the feel of a cushioned racer in a rugged durable trail shoe then it is worth trying the Brooks Catamount.

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About “The Footman” Steve Manning:

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Steve Manning

Steve has been a running shoe aficionado for the last 4 decades and as the owner of intraining Running Centre has helped thousands of runners find the perfect shoe. He is a member of the Footman Biomechanics Group of the International Society of Biomechanics and a previous President of the Qld branch of Sports Medicine Australia. As a Podiatrist specialising in running sports injury prevention he utilises footwear prescription and modification to keep you running. Contact Steve at the intraining Running Centre, [email protected] for all your footwear questions.