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Celebrating our Runner’s School Runners!!

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Celebrating our Runner’s School Runners!!

The real joy of running is sharing your running journey as we all navigate the world of running.  It’s seeing the discovery where running becomes a lifestyle, no matter how big or small it plays in your life.  

For Anne White and her running buddies from intraining’s Runners School, it is the connection as friends where they support each other through the challenges of running and life as they work towards their first half marathon. 

Speedy & Co., as they call themselves, met at intraining Beginner’s group and through the Couch 2 10km program in 2018.  Rae, Sandra Emma, Brandon, Yvette, Amanda, Anne and Christine

Anne White shares how she started running only twelve months ago. 
“Being in my 60’s I felt I needed a new challenge in my life, and thought I would run a marathon having absolutely no idea whatsoever what that would entail.  I thought of thinking it and saying it would make it happen.” 
To make this happen, Anne joined Runners School to help her with the training process and inspired her newly found running friends to also take on the challenge.  
While working through the Runners School program, one of the highlights for Anne has been the support network from her running friends.  Together they inspire and motivate each other when times are tough, and share the joy of celebrating their wins.
Anne wrote this after a run when she was stepping up the distance for the first time…
“About 1km from the end a training buddy had walked down the course to find me, and started running home with me, just chatting.  I got to the 500m to go… and there waiting for me was a small mob of intraining people, all of whom ran up the hill with me to the finish line.
The other overriding emotion out of the morning was the gratitude I felt towards my fellow runners.  The people who run are simply wonderful humans.  They are truly kind and generous souls who are so encouraging of others. ”   
It’s with this support, that the Speedy & Co. team from intraining have gained the confidence to know that training for a half marathon and future marathon is achievable. In fact, only a week later, Anne knocked off the same distance with a spring in her step and feeling positive towards finishing that half.
“I actually realised the other day like a bolt of lightning, that the actual event, (i.e. running a half marathon or running New York Marathon) is actually not the thing.  The thing is the road getting there. I think that’s the first time I truly understood that.”
“I am so proud of all of us and where we are now and how far we have come.  It’s been a truly wondrous journey, with these fantastic women supporting each other and Brandon too, who was described by one of the girls as our little brother.  (Emma’s husband)”
“We are going to run a half marathon in a couple of weeks.  Super wow.  There will be tears.”

A special note should also be made that Anne is a hugely positive influence, herself, in the intraining Runners School Community… inspiring and encouraging other runners to work towards their goals. 

We look forward to the Gold Coast Half when we can cheer Rae, Amanda, Anne, Brandon, Emma, Christine, Yvette and Sandra to their first half marathon.

Runners School DOORS RE-OPEN JULY 10 …  

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Helen Davidson
Helen and her husband Steve have run several half marathons.
But this year they were ready to tackle the marathon.
They have always trained on their own as they juggle their family and work commitments but felt the need for a little bit of extra support to get to the marathon.  So they joined Runners School in February, and have made turning up to speed session and long runs part of their weekly routine.  
Before the Brisbane Marathon Festival, Helen posted :   
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It was so lovely to see Helen’s post before the marathon, and then her Runners Smile which we all long for mid-race.  Can’t wait to see Helen, Steve’s and all our marathoners from Runners Schooler’s run their first marathon. 
Below is a picture of Helen with Keith, Kay & Mike who met through Runners School and working towards their first marathon.
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WATCH out for more celebrations of our Runner’s Schoolers from the Couch 2 10k & Marathon School programs.  
If you want to create memorable running experiences, join us for the relaunch of Runners School on July 10. 
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Steve & Margot Manning


We help runners to train for a Marathon, Half Marathon or 10 km by teaching pacing strategies through a structured training program, tips, strategies, seminars and a supportive community of friendly and like-minded runners.”
Steve & Margot Manning, intraining Running Centre