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Childrens Feet

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Childrens feet and the shoe fit
By Margot Manning (podiatrist & coach)

The temptation when purchasing children’s and teenager’s shoes is to allow for growing room. While this appears more cost effective at the time, the extra room in the shoes could lead to unwanted movement and the development of injuries. The purpose of a well fitted shoe is to grab the foot firmly so that the two units (foot & shoe) move together as one piece.  When there is a mismatch in shape or size, the muscles and tendons required to ‘control’ the movement will fatigue sooner.

Primary school children’s running shoes do not usually have half sizes.  This does mean that often they need to go to a larger than ideal shoe fitting.  In this situation a more shapely insole, or added padding to the existing insole can work well to fill out the shoe. A heat mouldable insole (not an orthotic) can customise the shoe even further to suit the varying shapes and sizes that children and teenagers feet present.

The retail staff at intraining Running Centre can help with shoe fitting and customising the shoe with insoles, but if you are a little more concerned about your childrens feet, make a booking to see one of the podiatrists.

At intraining Running Injury Clinic our podiatrists help diagnose and treat running related injuries to get you back to doing what you enjoy.

All of our podiatry team are avid runners and/or triathletes at the clinic and understand how frustrating it can be having an injury.

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