Closing down sale

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24 May

Closing down sale

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Our adventure at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre is coming to a close this June with a huge sale until all stock has been cleared.

What does that mean for you?

It is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of excess stock available at massive discounts at our Indooroopilly Shopping Centre location. We are closing the doors and consequently are looking to clear all stock at Indooroopilly.

Footwear up to 70% off | Garmin & Suunto GPS 50% off

Clothing 50% off

This is the perfect time to get yourself a new pair of shoes at a fraction of the cost. Not sure if you need a new pair of shoes? Check out the below.

  • The 2nd pair of shoes
    • It is no secret that having a second pair of shoes will help prolong the life of both pairs. If you are a regular runner, then alternating shoes provide the opportunity for the cushioning to ‘rebound’ sufficiently after each run. Think of it like a sponge, the longer time between runs you give your shoes the more cushioning you will have come next wear.
  • The new shoe
    • Your shins, knees, hips, feet and even back are beginning to creak and you start to feel every crevice and stone out there – chances are it is time to replace your shoes. The refreshing feeling of a new shoe underfoot is fantastic and is recommended (to avoid potential injury) every 600-800km.
  • Weekend shoes
    • Looking for a pair of shoes that won’t break the bank but still offer you optimum performance? This clearance sale is your best opportunity. Savings up to 70% mean you can buy just one pair of shoes or even two pairs of shoes for the price of one.
  • The teenagers sports shoes
    • Let’s face it… kids are expensive and you want the best for them. If your kids are soon to be in need of a new pair of shoes soon or if their shoes have been on the way out for a while, now is the time to act. Take advantage of huge discounts on the biggest brands.
  • The children’s shoes
    • Kids are tough on shoes and they are growing fast. Get down to intraining Running Centre, Indooroopilly before our doors close and stock up on shoes to last them the next few months.

If you have shopped at our Indooroopilly store in the past, we thank you for your support over the past few years. If you are a Milton regular – don’t worry, we will still be at our benchmark location at 33 Park Road, Milton and have an extensive range of footwear, clothing and accessories you can sink your teeth into.

We have some exciting new initiatives coming up over the next few weeks and months that we are

Steve and Margot Manning

excited to share with you.

Keep posted on the intraining Running Centre facebook page for exciting times ahead at intraining Running Centre.

We can’t wait to see you all back at our Milton location.

Happy running,

Steve & Margot Manning (founders and owners of intraining Running Centre)