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Awards Night President Speech

Awards Night Photo

intraining Club Awards Night President Speech

Forward by the editor Daniel Manning

The awards night is the largest social gathering for the club in the year.  Not only do we celebrate the achievements of everyone in the club but it is a chance dress up in something more fancy than running clothes.  The night recognises both athletic achievements, improvements and dedication to the intraining family.  Among the numerous awards for the night, the most prestigious are the life member award, Coach’s award and Presidents award.  All these recognise individuals whose input into the club is beyond selfless.  

With that introduction out of the way here is club president Paul Broad’s speeches. 

Presidents Introduction and Life Member Award 

Good evening everybody, and welcome to the 2018 intraining Running & Triathlon Club’s Trophy Night.  My name is Paul Broad, and I have the privilege of being the president of the Club.  Before we begin tonight, I’d like to pay my respects to the traditional owners of the lands on which we run, the Turribul and the Jagara people, and pay my respects to their elders past, present, and emerging. 

Tonight, we have a lot to celebrate.  This club, which plays an important part in the lives of our members, continues to go from strength to strength.  This year, we reached what was not that long ago was a stretch goal of achieving 1,000 club members, and we have seen those members achieve remarkable things over the last twelve months.  It’s an opportunity for us to recognise the achievement of our athletes, from those who finished on the podium on race day, through to those who those who achieved personal best times, and to those who achieved completing a goal of a marathon or half marathon for the first time, or who simply made running a part of their life.  As a club, our goal is to share the joy of running with the community, and in doing so we change people’s lives for the better, and tonight is a celebration of that.

Shortly, I will introduce our host for the evening, but first I want to address another matter.  Last year we inducted three new life members, recognising them for their contribution to the club as a whole. 

Tonight, we’d like to recognise a person for their extraordinary contribution to the Club.  It would be difficult to precisely quantify the size of this recipient’s dedication and contirubtion, but I’m certain that we each would be able to identify a way in which they have made our experience a better one.  During their long association with the Club, they have not only represented the club in a number of marathons, half marathons, triathlons, as well as taking on the extraordinary challenge of multiple iron man events, but they have served as a mentor, coach, incredible support, and as a friend to many. 

Having previously held responsibility for the triathlon arm of the Club combined with a long involvement with the Club committee, most recently he has excelled in his role as Coaching Director, and has been instrumental in the success of our Marathon School program, and the club as a whole.

Above all, he is also one of the best people you’ll ever have the privilege of meeting.  A man of extraordinary compassion, of great warmth, and one who is admired and loved by many.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is my extraordinary pleasure to announce that the 2018 inductee for Life Membership for the intraining running and triathlon club, is of course, Greg Scanlon.

President’s Award 

Kate Toohey Award Photo

It now comes time for the presentation of the evening’s major award, the President’s Award.  Earlier this evening, I mentioned that we have managed to hit an extraordinary target of 1,000 members, a figure which makes us one of the country’s largest running clubs.   Tonight’s recipient has played a huge role in this growth, and in particular for the reinvigoration of one of the aspects the Club was founded on two decades ago. 

Their involvement in the Club’s activities has done much to not only boost membership, but also the profile of the Club, particularly over the last two years.  As a club, one of the things that we can be truly proud of is the sense of community we have been able to construct, and to go further in creating a sense of ‘family’.

Through this person’s efforts, this sense of community, this sense of a great ‘running family’ has been strengthened considerably.  Not only has her drive and determination seen our numbers of junior athletes grow at Cross Country meets across the winter months, but she’s also been the driving force behind the parents of our athletes take to running again, often after many years of abs3ence, even if it is over the tough hills that they despise.

Her success has meant that the Club has been successful, and it is not understating the fact to say that she is the driving force and the inspiration that has seen the Club achieve this year’s Cross Country championship, a surge in junior members, and a huge contributor to a revitalised club spirit. 

Ladies & Gentlemen, I’m delighted to announce that the 2018 President’s Award goes to Kate Toohey

Speeches by club president Paul Broad

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