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Current Holder


The President is the figurehead of the club and provides leadership and direction to the committee. The President is responsible for ensuring that the committee fulfils its responsibilities for the governance and success of the club. As the spokesperson for the club, the President also works to maintain key relationships within and outside of the club. The President is the chair of the club committee. 

David Jackson 

[email protected] 

Vice President

The Vice President will support the club president in providing leadership to the club overall including organising the committee and overseeing the performance of the club. The Vice President will step into the President’s role in their absence.  There may be multiple Vice Presidents on the committee. 

Steve Manning 

Phil Teakle 


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial supervision of the club, allowing the committee to meet the governance requirements of the club. The Treasurer is tasked to prepare annual budgets, plan for the club’s financial future and monitor the club’s revenue and expenditure. 

Cary Browne


The Secretary is the public officer of the club and therefore the official point of contact for all parties (Department of Fair Trading / Consumer Affairs). The Secretary is the primary administration officer of the committee and along with the President & Vice President provides links with the committee members, financial members, and outside agencies. The Secretary is responsible for the meeting minutes and the annual return to the Department of Fair Trading. 

Les Dunn

Other Committee Members

Rachel Haydon, Steve Davidson, Rob Jamieson, Tracy Baker, Laura Speed, Margot Manning, Kay Bowden.

[email protected] 


Coaching Director

The head of the intraining coaching business takes this role in the club.  Report to the club on success of coaching programs and participation.  Take feedback from the club on opportunities to promote both the training business and the club. 

Steve Manning


Assist the secretary on the committee by maintaining records of club membership by category, through Queensland Athletics (Revolutionise system).  Report weekly on club on membership numbers by category. 

Communications, management and troubleshooting of memberships. 

Review of reminder / follow up emails for membership renewal. 

Andrew Murray

Communications Coordinator

Oversight role for the club social media pages. Manage admin access for these pages and ensure content is appropriate. 

Oversight role for the club website.  Ensure content is current, relevant, and easy to find. 

Answer queries that come in via email or via social media. 

Maintain a steady flow of stories and information to maintain member engagement. 

Club and intraining newsletter coordination. 

Rachel Haydon

Margot Manning

Uniform Coordinator

Implement the process to issue club member intraining singlets 

Rachel Haydon

Laura Speed

Cary Browne

Fundraising Coordinator

Research and apply for grants that are available to sporting clubs.   

Seek out and promote other fundraising opportunities for the club. 


If you are interested in this role, please email: [email protected]  

Equipment Coordinator

Manage shed storage and equipment list.  Keep a stock of items, ensure items come back.  Train people on how to use the equipment. 

Aaron Dighton

[email protected]

Road Running Captain

Promote participation by club members in road running and road running events. 

David Jackson


[email protected]

Track and Relays Captain

Promote participation by club members in track events, track relays, and other relay (ekiden) events. 

Sebastian Pinel 


[email protected] 

Trail Tribe Captain

Promote participation by club members in trail running and trail running events. 

Tracy Baker 

0458 423 684 

Cross Country Captain

Promote participation by club members in cross country and cross-country events. 

Phil Teakle

Kids Captain

Promote participation by club members in kids running and kid friendly running events. 

Solly Egan 

Triathlon Captain

Promote participation by club members in triathlon events. 

Alex Coman 

Supporters Captain

Promote creative and enthusiastic supporters at events! 

Robert Jamieson

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