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Science of compression gear

Doug James
Article by: Doug James (podiatrist, physiotherapist and runner)

Science of compression gear

It’s been 20 years since SKINS, the Australian based compression garment company first launched their product range. Since then, SKINS and other brands of compression garments have been worn by athletes from a wide range of sports. Aside from the professional endorsement and anecdotal support of these products – just what scientific support is there to justify their use?

A review of reputable peer reviewed scientific studies released within the past decade shows that compression garments actually offer little to no increase in running performance. So why do people keep wearing them?

Science has been able to prove that Lower Limb Compression Garments (LLCGs) are of most use as a recovery aid. Perceived muscle soreness after endurance running events was less in runners that used LLCGs. Additionally, LLCGs (either calf sleeves or integrated calf sleeve + sock) were found to reduce foot swelling that may be associated with foot pain and numbness during running.

CompressionTightClinically it has been suggested that LLCGs may also offer benefit in reducing muscle vibration that occurs during impact sports such as running, and this in turn could help reduce shin pain and calf muscle injuries.

Remember that recovery is an important part of your training approach. Consider using lower limb compression garments to help maximise your recovery and training.

If you are looking to get that little extra edge on your competition, the intraining Running Centre, Milton and Indooroopilly have a wide range of compression garments from the major brands, including major brands; Skins, 2XU and Compresssport.

Our running experts can help fit you up correctly in the latest compression gear and can also provide recommendations to suit your needs. From calve sleeves and socks, to full length tights and tops we have it all.

If you are experiencing muscle soreness and tightness that needs a little more attention, make an appointment to see our podiatrist and physiotherapist, Doug James. Please call us at the intraining Running Injury Clinic on 3367 3088, or book online.

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