Cross Country Season 2017


Cross Country – Time for a waffle running shoe?

As the weather cools in Queensland, it signifies the start of cross country season. It is time to get off the road and get in touch with nature, lose the watch and enjoy running in a new environment. Cross country events in Queensland occur every week from April until September and is a perfect way to build strength and take the boredom out of often monotonous road running.

Whilst your standard training and racing shoes will certainly do the job on a cross country course, they will not offer you the same level traction or comfort as a cross country waffle. You will be left slipping and sliding around the course (even in dry conditions). Try something different this winter and try a waffle.

Cross Country events available weekly from Queensland Athletics and Queensland Running.

Key differences between waffle and training shoe

  • Waffle is lighter weight offering easier pickup on hilly courses leaving your legs less fatigued
  • Waffle has a specific waffle like sole with firmer rubber compound to ensure greater traction in all conditions
  • Waffle is lower profile to the ground providing more stability on uneven surfaces found offroad
  • Waffle provides a more ‘connected’ feel with the ground allowing easier maneuverability over uneven surfaces and engaging more foot muscles
  • Upper of a waffle is hard wearing mitigating the impact of stray sticks, roots and rocks which may tear mesh from standard training shoes
  • A waffle does not feature motion control or added stability for over pronation, like a standard training shoe

How should a waffle fit?

  • Should fit more snug compared to your training shoe
  • Little to no extra width, ensuring your foot is encased closely

Saucony_Carrera_XCNew Saucony waffles in store

Saucony Carrera XC Mens Waffle – $99.95

Break away from the pack and let loose in the Saucony Carrera XC.  Now featuring a light ISOFIT upper, this cross country flat provides an unmatched fit for race day.  A durable carbon rubber outsole offers torsional rigidity and the unrelenting traction need to perform at an elite level.

Saucony_Shay_WaffleSaucony Shay Womens Waffle – $99.95

The demanding conditions of the XC season can be conquered with the lightweight Saucony Shay XC 4 Waffle. With a lightweight upper designed to fit like a track spike and an aggressive cross country outsole built for ultimate traction, this performance XC waffle will help you dominate your next cross country.

If you are looking to run some cross country this winter, make sure you visit intraining Running Centre. We have a wide range of new cross country spikes and waffles ranging from kids through to adult sizes to suit both men and women.