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Dehydration, Summer and YOU!



Love 2 Run? Now the warmer weather is here, don’t let dehydration affect your performance.

Water is an essential nutrient involved in many bodily processes and losses must be replaced daily to prevent a state of dehydration. Exercise increases the body’s need for fluid, due to losses through sweat and metabolic processes, so hydration is something that any active individual should carefully consider.

Fluid losses from sweat vary depending on individual and environmental factors, but are high when exercising in hot and humid conditions and/or at high intensity. Severe dehydration is dangerous and can be life threatening, however fluid losses of as little as 2% of bodyweight can impair sports performance. Effects of dehydration include impaired ability to regulate body temperature, increased perception of effort, decreased mental function and decreased gastric emptying which can lead to gastrointestinal upset during your run.

Adequate day-to-day hydration is important, and depending on the duration of a training session or race, fluid replacement during exercise may also be important.

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