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Running is not just a sport or something we do, it is a way of life. Get the most out of your body with intraining’s qualified nutritionist and dietitian. Reach your goals with nutrition plans, skin fold testing and weight management.

Skin Fold Testing

Monitoring of body composition among athletic populations is often undertaken using   anthropometric traits such as body mass and subcutaneous skinfold thickness measurements (skinfolds).


Skinfolds are taken at 7 anatomically identified sites on the body and described as a sum of 7 skinfolds. Skinfolds are normally assessed with body mass (weight) to better understand absolute changes. Repeat measurements assist in monitoring changes in physique traits over time which may occur as a result of training and dietary interventions. For example there may be changes in body shape such as reduced waist circumference due to a reduction in subcutaneous body fat, (reflected in reduced skinfold), but a gain in body mass due to an increase in lean muscle mass.

Nutrition Plans

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Individualised nutrition plans for training and rest days, carbohydrate loading for endurance events and racing. Plans address food selection and timing of food/fluid pre, during and post exercise using a periodised approach to carbohydrate intake that is specific to you, your event, your goals and your personal food preferences.

Weight Management

Whether you need assistance to lose weight or struggle to keep weight on, individualised dietary advice is tailored to meet your nutritional requirements for health and level of physical activity.
Dietary advice is based on an assessment of food variety and nutritional balance, appropriate intake of carbohydrate, protein and fat and micronutrient adequacy of calcium, iron, vitamins etc whilst considering your fuel requirements, body composition and sporting goals and personal food preferences.

Recipes for Runners

As a runner in the real world, we know how hard it can be to prepare yourself something nutritious and healthy that doesn’t take long to cook. Even for the untrained, kitchen-phobe our dietitian and chef Liz Lovering has created some great tasting recipes you can make at home. Click here to view a range of new exciting recipes that will keep you running at your best throughout the year.