Dust off the Cobwebs from your Bike. Tri a Triathlon

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Dust off the Cobwebs from your Bike. Tri a Triathlon

6 Tips for your first triathlon

It can be daunting to take that first step into something new. Intraining Running and Triathlon Club is here to help ‘tri’ a new challenge.

  • You don’t need all the costly ‘smart tech’ or wetsuit or new tri-bike. Dust off your current bike (or borrow one), grab your swimming togs and start off low tech. Less is more!
  • Pick a short-distance event designed for the novice, often called mini or enticer, there’s even Pink Tri’s (all women’s) and kids only.
  • Participate as a team. Encourage some work mates, friends or family members to race as a team. Premade training buddies.
  • Cross-training by adding a session or two of swimming and cycling is all that’s required and helps your running too.
  • Add a weekly commute to work or school on your bike. Take a lunch time swim or two each week are both time efficient training hacks.
  • The first step is the hard one. So, start now with a friend as encouragement on a great new challenge.Groupphotos

The sport of triathlon can provide that new challenge you are looking for, catering for all capabilities, shapes, ages and sizes.

Intraining Triathlon Coach, Peter Richards, is here to support you in achieving your triathlon challenge. Have a question you need answered message through Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/intrainingtriathlon/ (Like us on Facebook too!)