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Running form

Improve your running with a specific

session focused on running form.  

In this 90 minute workshop, you will be taken through:

  • Specific running drills to improve you co-ordination, balance and strength
  • How to determine your ideal running gait
  • Cues you can use to adjust your running form at different stages of your training and racing
  • Strategies to change speed, improve your cadence, alter your stride length and become a more efficient runner.  

Who is this for?
Running form workshops can be used by anyone to improve your running.  You don’t need to be fast or experienced.  We work with your level of running fitness in this workshop.

The focus on form works best for:

  • New Runners – you’ll gain such a better understanding and feel of you are doing when running
  • Returning to running after a break from life activities or from injury
    • **you must NOT have a current injury when doing running form focused exercises.
  • Pre season strength training – running form drills require strength, and give you strength for you next phase of training – all levels of ability as a runner

Who is taking the workshop?

Podiatrist, and Running Coaches, Margot and Steve Manning will give you tips on your movement in this session that you will be able to practice and use when running your goal events.  

Saturday, 2nd March, 2024 UQ, St. Lucia


$65 intraining Club members

$75 non intraining Club members


Two options for times

2:30 – 4pm

4:15 – 5:45pm

Location:  UQ St. Lucia

Note:  This workshop is NOT suitable if you have a current injury