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From your hips to your feet: why your podiatrist is more than a ‘foot doctor’

From your hips to your feet: why your podiatrist is more than a ‘foot doctor’

Emily Donker, intraining podiatrist, coach and triathlete

Injury management is all about perspective. While podiatrists are known for dealing with foot complaints, our scope extends much further than many people realise. We address all sorts of foot issues, but we are also well versed in the management of issues affecting the ankle, lower leg, knee, upper leg, hip and even the lower back. If you’ve been struggling with a hip or knee injury, seeing a podiatrist might just provide the answers you need by looking at things from a different angle.

How do my hips affect my feet?

Proper movement and function of the lower limbs requires a synergy between all the musculoskeletal structures. When movement is compromised or compensation occurs during gait or stance, it can be a tell tale sign of injury.

The structure and function of the feet and legs can contribute towards hip injury in many cases. The opposite can also be true, whereby hip injury leads to a secondary injury further down the chain. Both situations require a more comprehensive podiatric assessment of the entire lower limb structure and gait.  

How can a podiatrist help?

Podiatry treatment is much more than just orthotics—particularly when addressing hip injuries, a multi-faceted approach is necessary. A podiatrist’s goal is to ensure long-term injury resolution. This requires a more holistic injury assessment and treatment plan to address the underlying cause of your injury, in addition to the acute symptoms.

It’s crucial not to let niggles turn into something more serious. Book an appointment with a podiatrist at the intraining Running Injury Clinic. We’re all experienced runners who specialise in sporting injuries—from your hips to your feet. We’re here to help get you back on the road and running pain free.

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