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Run right with gait modification

Article by: Steve Manning – Podiatrist and coach at intraining Running Injury Clinic
Article by: Steve Manning – Podiatrist and coach at intraining Running Injury Clinic

Gait Modification and Drills

Your key to reduced injury and running faster

There are a few circumstances where running technique can be a cause of injury. However most times it is only a contributing factor to injury. Gait modification drills can be used to correct running form faults and improve control while running.

Drills are categorised by the type of change you are seeking. The initial drills are about Coordination and include drills like high knees and bum kicks. Their goal is to create a coordinated and flowing movement between the upper and lower limbs.

plyometrics_drillAnother group is focused on reaction time. Their goal to develop the body’s ability to react and alter its position quickly using sensation, perception and response.

The final and hardest group are power drills, incorporating plyometric training, with the aim to reach maximum muscle force in shortest period of time. Plyometric training creates a pre-stretch of the muscle before contracting forcefully. These drills include, skipping and bounding.

While improving strength and control through running drills may also improve performance, the main goal is a reduction in injury risk. Running drills create greater strength outside the limited range of motion that running usually involves. They are an exaggerated movement of what you want to do when running. That way if you are in a high injury risk movement like when spraining an ankle your body will be able to recognise what is happening and automatically change what you are doing to avoid injury.

600x600-workshops-logoIf you are training more without realising the benefits of increased performance, it may be a simple modification to your running form that will result in the benefits you are looking to achieve. The intraining Running Injury Clinic conduct running form workshops on a regular basis.

If you are interested in improving your running form or reducing your risk of injury, sign up for the Running Form Workshop on 8 October or 3 December 2017.

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