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Stay injury free


Want to stay injury free?

Here are three things you should know.

You may have just run your first major goal race. While this is an exciting running period, it is the time when you are most vulnerable to developing an injury. To help you stay on the road, here are three reminders to keep you running happily running towards your next goal race.

1.Long runs vs racing

If you have multiple races planned such as the Gold Coast Marathon, Brisbane Marathon Festival and Twilight Bay Run, you should be changing your long run focus in your training plan. This phase of training is called the competitive phase so the emphasis is more on the racing. Long runs will still occur but less frequently to allow maximum benefit from each of the races you have done.

2.Pace control

Successful races and improvements in training times are amazing motivators. But it is now that you need to exert even more control in managing your speed sessions and weekend races so not to let your enthusiasm override your goal training pace. Planning your speed work and long run paces in advance can help to avoid overtraining. It can be useful to sit with a coach and plan these paces for each session to help keep you on track. Our podiatry team are also coaches and can help you write an individual program with personal pace targets.


3.Refresh your footwear

It is 7 months now since you may have set your 2017 goals and purchased your training shoes. If your legs are feeling a little more tired or the shoes are feeling soft, now is definitely the time to replace them or add the new shoe into the mix. Don’t let a dying or worn out shoes be the cause of an injury that will interfere with the rest of your year’s racing. If you aren’t sure, or think you may need new shoes come into the intraining Running Centre at either Milton or Indooroopilly locations and have our footwear experts assist in providing you with advice on selecting the right type of shoe to suit your running needs.

Article by: Margot Manning podiatrist and running coach
Article by: Margot Manning podiatrist and running coach

Remember these three tips, and take action early if any niggles get worse. At intraining Running Centre, we love running and share your passion, and will work hard so you don’t miss a minute of it.

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