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Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Garmin 735XT Title

Are you a multisport addict? Do you demand the most out of your equipment? Garmin, who need no introduction, are the leader in GPS sports technologies. The latest introduction to the already extensive Forerunner range of GPS watches is the Forerunner 735XT – the triathlon and multisport focused watch that has left no stone un-turned in the quest to offer the athlete with a watch that has it all.garmin_735xt_dynamics

Top stand out features

Running dynamics:
Whilst not new to the Garmin list of features, the benefits of running dynamics can help everyone.
Ground Contact Time Balance: If you are prone to injury on a particular leg
Vertical ratio: Reduce the amount of ‘bounce’ in your stride and focus on moving forwards
Stride length: Work on reducing your stride length and increasing your cadence to get muscles firing quicker

Heart rate measurement
For many of us, the reason we do not monitor our heart rate in training and in races is for the simple fact that heart rate monitors can be uncomfortable, cause chafing and even have problems reading on certain body shapes.
Optical (wrist based) heart rate measurement: Simply strap your watch to your wrist and enjoy accurate and instantaneous heart rate measurement whether you are running, cycling, kayaking, walking or even sleeping.
Underwater heart rate measurement: The soft and pliable HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri chest straps from Garmin are as comfortable and form fitting chest strap you can imagine. Almost akin to a second skin. If you are swimming, the HRM-Swim is specifically designed to stay in place even when diving into the water. HRM-Tri strap will provide you with accurate heart rate measurement underwater as well as offering Garmin’s Running Dynamics.

LiveTrack and Strava integration:garmin_735xt_strava
When paired with your phone, you can rest easy that your whereabouts are known whenever you are out training with LiveTrack. The second and equally cool feature is integration with Strava in real time. Now you can discover new tracks, updates on Strava segments and personal records as they occur.

The question is…do you need the Garmin Forerunner 735XT?

The 735XT is a watch that can do it all. If you are eager to push your body to the limit and be as efficient as you can be, then the 735XT will get you there. If you are simply looking for a watch that will measure your speed, distance and give you heart rate when running, then it may be a bit overkill at $699.95.

If you can answer yes to the below questions, then the Garmin Forerunner 735XT is worth considering
– Do you want a watch to use as a bicycle computer and running watch?
– Do you find heart rate monitor straps uncomfortable?
– Struggle with computers? Want a watch that uploads your information online automatically?
– Do you have an imbalance or injury when running that you need to address?

Common questions garmin_hrmtri

Do I need to wear a heart rate monitor strap when swimming? Yes, optical wrist heart rate does not transmit under water.
How does the phone know where I am? When connected to your smart phone, the watch transmits data which is sent to your own personal file/link that you can provide to friends and family showing your whereabouts.
Is the Forerunner 735XT heavy? At just 42g the watch is one of the lightest in the Forerunner range and feels almost weightless when on the wrist.
Will the Forerunner 735XT measure my distance when swimming: Yes, the GPS uses GLONASS connectivity and has the capacity to accurately calculate the distance you swim as well as a range of other swimming metrics, such as stroke rate, time per 100m among other features.
What is the battery life like on the 735XT?: The watch features a battery life of approximately 14hrs whilst the GPS and optical heart rate is activated. This will cover the majority of events and training sessions you partake. To increase battery life, you are able to turn off optical heart rate and utilise an Ant+ heart rate chest strap instead.

If you have more questions about the Garmin Forerunner 735XT or any other GPS running watch, visit the intraining Running Centre in Milton or Indooroopilly and speak with one of our friendly staff.