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get involved

The club is run by volunteers. As a club member you have the opportunity to get involved! It can be very rewarding and it might make you famous! There are two ways to directly help the club.

Firstly, you can take on an ongoing role. You don’t have to be a member of the club committee to take on a role. Check out the club roles page on the website for more information about various club roles that are currently vacant.  

Secondly, you can be a host for an event that the club plans to attend. This can be as small as simply being a point of contact. You would have answers to questions such as “Where are we going to meet?” or “Are we doing anything social after the run?”. Or it can be more involved, like hosting our presence of 100 or more runners at a major event! Check out the calendar of events for opportunities to be a host.

Hosting a larger event would involve the following:

  • Being a point of contact for the club for the event.
  • Promoting the event on intraining club social media.
  • Being the admin for a private Facebook page or chat group to build excitement and share photos from the day.
  • Recruiting some assistants to help you host.
  • Taking the club tent to the event and setting it up with drinks, chairs etc.
  • Vocally leading the cheer squad.

Please email [email protected] if you can help by filling an ongoing role or by hosting an event.


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