Heel pain and kids

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7 Mar

Heel pain and kids

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Article by Margot Manning (podiatrist, kids coach and runner)

Don’t let heel pain stop your kids from running

Heel pain (Sever’s Disease) in children is one of the most common injuries experienced in active kids today. Heel pain occurs because the Achilles tendon vertically attaches to the back of the heel bone (calcaneus) where there is a growth plate, which is active during adolescence.

The growth plate is the area where new bone cells are generated and is present until between the ages of 13-16 when children stop growing, and the bone fuses, to make the completed heel bone. During this time, running, jumping, kicking and rapid changes in direction that children do while playing sport exerts an incredible amount of sheer force and pulling onto the growth plate. This pulling can create soreness which can be quite debilitating for children and interfere with their ability to play without pain.

Early detection and management

Early detection of heel pain and being proactive can reduce the severity of heel pain and help your kids get back to being kids and enjoying being active. Below are three of the most successful management strategies for treating heel pain in kids.

The 3 most successful management strategies for Sever’s Disease:

  1. Understanding how your child runs to eliminate biomechanical concerns.
  2. Checking footwear and modifying if required during pain.
  3. Creating a management plan to help both you and your child know what to do before and after playing sport.

Have you noticed any of the following with your child?

  • Limping when walking or when active
  • Favouring one leg over the other
  • Adversity to activity due to pain in the heel
  • Complaints or comments about soreness in the heel
Kids training groups

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If you are unsure whether you child has Sever’s Disease, or have noticed any of the above symptoms it is time to take action. Don’t let your kids suffer in pain any more. Our team of podiatrists and physiotherapist at the intraining Running Injury Clinic can help diagnose, assess and provide management strategies to help your child return to activity – pain free.

Make an appointment to see one of our podiatry team today. Often there is minimal out of pocket expense with private health cover claimable on the spot. We recommend you bring all your child’s shoes with you to the appointment so these can each be assessed and possibly modified to help relieve pain.

To make a booking call intraining Running Injury Clinic on 07 3367 3088 or click the button below to make an appointment online.

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