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Holiday footwear top tips

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Holiday footwear top tips

Podiatry clinics are often busiest after the holidays with many people complaining about their feet that became sore during their time off. All too often, the holiday period sees us trade a suit for beach attire and business shoes for bare feet. While this feels comfortable initially, feet that are used to support and cushioning quickly feel sore and irritated.

Podiatrists will commonly see injuries such as plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and forefoot pain that often arises from holiday makers spending extended amounts of time in unsupportive footwear or bare feet. 

Prevention is better than the cure. This holiday period make sure you are wearing comfortable and supportive footwear. This doesn’t have to be a running shoe (though it is usually a good choice), as sandals and slides such as Birkenstocks are a great option, providing plenty of arch support. You may find the firmness of Birkenstocks can be a bit uncomfortable (and they are best to avoid getting wet), so consider Oofos thongs and slides as an alternative which feel like you are wearing your running shoes.

Made from highly cushioned materials, Oofos thongs and slides are great for casual wear – be it at the beach, or around the home. Whether you are getting away this holiday, or simply enjoying a ‘stay-cation’ at home, make sure you look after your feet with Oofos. intraining Running Centre stock a wide range of colours and styles of the Oofos range. Visit the intraining Running Centre this holiday season and give the gift of happy feet.

If your holiday feet are experiencing pain and soreness, book an appointment to see us at intraining Running Injury Clinic. The sooner you are able to address your symptoms, the sooner you will be back out having fun on your feet this holiday season.

Holiday footwear top tips

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