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I am a Marathoner!!

Wouldn’t you love to be able to say that out loud

Well… That’s possible…  

Is this your first, or are you wanting that extra help to run a better time?

You are not alone.Matt Horsten 1

“The intraining Marathon School is a summary of all this great information that’s been put together over the years by dedicated, wonderful, passionate coaches. The structure of the training program is awesome, so you’re not having to make all those mistakes and having to learn on your own. “ 

Matty Horston, Marathon schooler 2011, intraining Coach & intraining club Vice president 2018

You will soon be able to Hear more about Matty’s 3 motivators he learnt at intraining’s Marathon School

            “Yearning…   Learning…   Earning” 

The intraining Marathon School and Couch 2 10km programs are now a part of intraining’s RUNNERS SCHOOL

This is taking our trusted and proven program to a new level to help you enjoy your running journey so much more. We believe this because running becomes a lifestyle.  

It doesn’t matter how fast or slow…  you will experience running adventures you never thought possible, or may not even be imagining now.   

To be ready to find out more click here and be on our waiting list!

We can help you realise a dream you never thought possible.

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