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intraining practitioners can help with managing your current injury through diagnosis, imaging, training plans and physical therapies so you can get back to what you love doing as quickly as possible.


The intraining practitioners are university qualified to assess and diagnose a range of lower limb and foot injuries (podiatrists), and upper body/back (physiotherapist). The practitioners regularly attend conferences and workshops to maintain up-to-date sports medicine knowledge and to draw on years of experience to accurately diagnose your injury.

Additionally, all the practitioners at intraining Running Injury Clinic are experienced runners –as such they have possibly had the same injury as you, and know what you’re going through (and how much you’re missing running!).


With some injuries, additional information may be required beyond what in-clinic testing can provide. Diagnostic imaging can be useful to confirm the type and location of an injury, and determine its severity. When necessary, the intraining practitioners may refer you for MRI, CT, X-ray, bone scan or an Ultrasound Scan. The scans are assessed by a specialist doctor with their findings forwarded to your practitioner shortly afterwards.

Training plans

Training mistakes are the number one cause of injury. Careful planning & management of your training sessions can reduce the risk of injury, or return to their running following an injury. The clinical team at intraining are qualified coaches with Athletics Australia and able to write training plans. Training plans are used in the management of an injury, or a session can be booked with one of the clinicians specifically for a training plan.

Physical therapies

The therapists at the intraining Running Injury Clinic strongly believe in the importance of being able to self-manage your injuries. Through providing you with the tools and know-how to manage your injury, we help to empower you to take control of your injury.

We can show you how best to treat and prevent injuries using techniques and equipment you can use at home.