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intraining Club update 6/10/18

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2018 Training Update Oct 5
Running in Review

We have a couple of weeks to catch up with. This past weekend saw 2 long runs occurring in warmer and windier conditions. A special thanks to John and Solly for organising the run at Sandgate. It is a beautiful venue, and an enjoyable alternative to Brisbane. Look for the next one on November 11.


2 weeks ago we had the Twilight Bay run and the first race of the Queensland Tri Series. Twilight Bay saw a large intraining team lead by Isaias Beyn, who pulled off his 3rd win n a row in the half marathon and Aidan Hobbs took the honours in the 5k race.


1:09:43 Isaias Beyn 1st overall
1:23:55 Pacer Hamann 2nd in AG
1:24:26 Jamie Spragg 2nd in AG
1:26:06 Peter Maynard 
1:30:17 Pacer Cacciola 
1:33:44 David Smitheram 
1:34:29 Pacer Anthony 
1:34:42 Gerard Daly 
1:39:57 Pacer Pham 
1:39:38 Damian Baskerville 
1:39:59 Zack Newsham 
1:44:01 Miwa Kolb 3rd in AG
1:46:05 Pacer Archer 
1:50:00 Pacer Kwakkernaat 
1:50:19 Kevin Geake 
1:50:19 Kellie Williams 
1:51:43 Nicola Ward 
1:51:59 Katie Meissner 
1:51:51 Sam Barrett 
1:54:37 Paul Blake 
1:54:51 Pacer Dack 
1:58:36 Dinesh Chand 
1:58:28 Pacer Crowther 
2:01:13 Jeanette Solley 
2:00:46 Pacer Gottsmann 
2:03:27 Anna Tracey 
2:04:57 Di Poad 
2:06:44 Simon Sauer 
2:09:59 Pacer Colborne 
2:13:15 Scuba Walsh 
2:15:26 Pacer Pinches 
2:27:47 Nikki Walsh 
2:46:07 Fiona Gregory


0:36:29 John Egen 2nd in AG
0:36:56 Neil Bath 2nd in AG
0:40:35 Solveig Litchfield 1st in AG
0:41:09 Craig Mckenzie 
0:42:23 Steve Cox 
0:42:31 Laura Daly 2nd in AG
0:42:58 James Rees 
0:43:21 Philip Teakle 
0:43:27 Muz Mclean 2nd in AG
0:44:12 Emily Gilmore 1st in AG
0:44:49 Caitlin Maynard 
0:45:31 Tom Mcnicol 
0:45:42 Gary Campbell 
0:47:07 Jodie Pennisi 
0:47:08 John Whelan 
0:48:32 Peter Jardine 
0:49:33 Alex Coman 
0:49:33 Pacer Ireland 
0:51:05 Paul Mann 
0:51:24 Grant Castner 
0:51:54 Jess Neild 
0:53:25 Keiran Gilmore 
0:56:17 Liz Gamin 
0:57:23 Julia Briskey 
0:57:24 Carolyn Hughson 
0:58:22 Ginny Barbour 
0:59:31 Catherine Perkins 
0:59:07 Karen Robinson 
0:59:50 Pacer Penfold 
1:03:33 Clare Murray 
1:03:28 Greg Sweetser 
1:09:58 Pacer Myatt 
1:10:07 Alison Ritchie 
1:12:03 Feyza Aniktar 
1:22:06 Cate Butchers 
1:24:43 Leila Parker 
1:24:44 Cassandra Hart 
1:47:37 Ali Sweetser

0:15:27 Aidan Hobbs 1st overall
0:19:04 Seb Mccormack 
0:19:07 Matthew Maynard 
0:20:00 Caitlin Murdock 
0:22:32 Viv Broadbent 
0:23:02 Monique Hooper 
0:23:01 Andrew Mccormack 
0:23:09 Nicole Fels 1st in AG
0:28:56 Finn Walmsley 
0:29:55 Jodie Silva

0:03:33 Elfie Piper 
0:03:38 Casper Oliver 
0:03:48 Dusty Piper 
0:04:05 Charlie Mccormack 2nd in AG
0:04:15 Indy Oliver 
0:04:23 Monique Hooper 
0:04:28 Lily Young 
0:04:45 Deezil Piper 
0:05:19 Annaliese Hooper 1st in AG
0:05:48 Oscar Broad 
0:06:18 Cailyn Blake 
0:07:39 Isla Broad

Looking ahead

Mt Cook Marathoners are airborne.

Good luck to all the entrants going on the first intraining Tours event. Keep an eye out for future tours. Currently under consideration are Queenstown 2019 and New York 2020.


If you are not in NZ, the BRRC are holding their 15k championships this weekend.

6.30am race start but make sure you are early to complete the registration process.


Melbourne Marathon – 14th Oct

Athletes for this event are now in taper and this event brings the Marathon School to it’s conclusion. Make sure you joins after the race, for celebrations at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow Pub.


Qld Trail Series Rd 1 – 14 Oct

Held at Enoggera Reservoir, we will be encouraging anyone who is not going to Melbourne to attend this event. It’s well organised and in a very beautiful place. Come and experience the joys of the trails. A 15k road run will also be available from the shop.


The Tri season started on September 23rd at Robina and will continue for 7 rounds, through to March. For any help or guidance, make sure you get in touch with the Trisquad at [email protected], or go to their Facebook page. The squad is now running regular Wednesday evening and Friday morning sessions to help you launch your season properly.


Club News

Event Calendar


Qld Tri Series
R1 ROBINA – 23 September 2018
R2 RABY BAY – 14 October 2018
R3 KAWANA – 18 November 2018
R4 RABY BAY – 9 December 2018
R5 ROBINA – 13 January 2019
R6 CALOUNDRA – 3 February 2019
R7 RABY BAY – 3 March 2019

Bribie Tri Series
20th/21st October 2018
24th/25th November 2018
23rd/24th February 2019
23rd/24th March 2019

Noosa Triathlon
4th November 2018

Mooloolaba Triathlon
17 March 2019



SEQ Trail Series Dates
Hit the trails in summer
Would you like a change from running on the roads? This popular and well organised series has grown over the last few years. Get amongst the shade of the trees and develop some good running strength with the intraining team.

14 Oct Rd1 Enoggerra
28 Oct Rd2 Numinbah
11 Nov Rd3 Pomona
25 Nov Rd4 Bayview
03 Feb Rd5 Bunyaville
17 Feb Rd6 Hinze Dam
03 Mar Rd7 Ewen Maddock Dam
17 Mar Rd8 Daisy Hill


Sun Oct 7th – Aoraki/Mt Cook Marathon – BRRC 15k Championships

Sun Oct 14th – Melbourne Marathon & SEQ Trail PomonaSun Oct 21st – BRRC Relay – 3x 4.5k

Sun Oct 28th – Qld Trail Series – or intraining Trail run 10 to 25kSun Nov 4th – BRRC 10k

Sun Nov 11th – Qld trail series or intraining long run Sandgate/trail.Sun Nov 18th – BRRC 5k

Sun Nov 25th – Qld Trail Series or intraining Long Run.