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intraining Running and Triathlon Club Helping Fight Kids’ Cancer

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intraining Running and Triathlon Club Helping Fight Kids’ Cancer

The Great Cycle Challenge is an annual fundraiser that encourages people of all ages and fitness levels to get on their bikes, trikes, even unicycles and ride to fight kids’ cancer.

Anyone who rides a bike can take part in the Challenge by simply signing up, add they’re part of ‘Intraining Running & Triathlon Club’ team, set a personal distance and fundraising target, then log their rides during the month of October.

Any cycling activity counts from indoor to road to off-road, from family ride to ‘hard’ training session. The important part is being active and raising funds for cancer research!

Indoor riders can also get involved by logging ‘virtual’ kilometres at the gym or at intrainings’ Tri-Squad sessions, or by joining the ‘Spin Bike Challenge’. Anything held during October will qualify. The Challenge is free to enter. Join NOW as part of the Intraining team or you can simply donate to this great cause through the Challenge intraining Running & Triathlon Club team.

Use the free Great Cycle Challenge app, or log your kilometers through your choice of GPS website like Strava, MapMyRun, or Garmin Connect.  

The Great Cycle Challenge has raised over $12m in Australia to fight kids’ cancer since its inception in 2013. More than 600 Aussie kids are diagnosed with cancer every year. Tragically, 3 die from this terrible disease every week.

So, all you runners out there, why not ‘mix-it-up’ and use your legs to cycle too. For every hill climbed, kilometre pedalled or hour on the indoor trainer during the month of October, Great Cycle Challenge and Team intraining riders will be cycling hard to give these children the best chance for the bright futures they deserve.

For further details or to sign up visit the website or checkout the FAQ’s at . You can also message Peter Richards through the intraining Triathlon Squad page for details about the Intraining team’s involvement.