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Hi, Welcome to intraining!!

Join one of our friendly running groups.  We are a supportive community of runners and coaches.  The training groups follow structured programs created by Level 4 Coach, Steve Manning and shared with our runners by our wonderful team of experienced coaches.  

If you are a beginner or experienced we have a group for you.  

Sessions at different locations on the same day, have the same structure so you have consistency.  

Don’t worry about your age or speed…  we just love to see you run!!

See you on the road soon

Happy Running

Margot & Steve Manning

intraining Running Centre offers a range of training sessions across Brisbane which cater to all ages and performance requirements.

The cost per run session is:

Session Types:


If you’re new to running or returning after a break, start your running journey here…

You will feel supported to go from a walk to a run from the couch to 5km and beyond

Monday Beginners Group

Wednesday Beginners Group


The Tuesday Speedwork, Thursday Threshold and weekend-long Runs are the core session of our training plans.

We help you learn how to train for marathons, and half marathons using PACING strategies that will have you running faster, stronger and with confidence.  If you are wanting to train or a marathon, half marathon or improve your running then these are perfect!! 

You don’t need to be fast… you just need to show up.  We’ll help make it all happen for you.  

intraining offer a wide variety range of speed sessions weekly in both early morning prior to work and evening after work throughout the year of Tuesdays.


Speed sessions are shorter hard repeated efforts where you practice race pacing and over pace sessions. 

Tuesday Speed


Threshold sessions are where you run at an uncomfortable effort and can only hold brief conversion. Designed to increase cardiovascular capacity. intraining offer a range of sessions at various locations to help increase your fitness.

Thursday Threshold Groups

Friday  Threshold Group


For faster, more experienced runners, and high school students. A second speed session of shorter repetitions run at the UQ Athletic Track.  

Thursday Track at UQ

Note: Extra $5 track fee required for these sessions


Ideal for primary school students who want to improve their fitness and train for a school district, state and national cross country and track championships and other sports.  These are fun training sessions that include running technique drills, speedwork and race strategies.  Our philosophy is to help kids learn the love of running while developing the skills they need to race, compete and play sport.  

Monday Kids Groups



Long runs are designed to build strength and endurance and are often over distance. intraining offer regular Sunday long runs from the intraining Running Centre incorporating ‘on course’ water stops and a group of intraining singlets some 100 strong.




Get off the road for a change in scenery with our trail running groups.  Perfect strength training and cooler running in Queensland’s Summer months. intraining offer weekend trail runs across Brisbane and participates as a team in the local Trail run series.  Come and join us!!



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NOTE:   VENUE CHANGES can happen. Please check the actual training link to confirm before arriving your first time.

#14  New location:  Tennyson Tennis Centre, Playground

Click here to view a full list of training session times and details