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intraining’s Runner’s Bingo


intraining’s Runner’s Bingo

Make your next five weeks count… 

Stay motivated, keep your routine and BE CREATIVE!!

Have fun with our Runner’s Bingo.

Every week pull up a card and see if you can make a line.

No one is too cool, too fast, too sophisticated or too clumsy to bring some spark to your life.  It’s that spark that’s going keep you and your friends smiling when chaos seems to reign. 

Plus…  you don’t have to do this alone.   Share your progress, pics and splits onto our Facebook group.  90015427 289497045365858 6873647514281574400 n

Follow it to the letter or add your own creative flair to the challenge. The running sessions can be stand-alone or add something into the mix. 

Challenge your running mates and don’t hold back.    

Our goal is to keep the sense of adventure in your running while we wait for the road season to kick back in…  and hone those running skills that could give you a PB later this year.

Of course, run safely, don’t run if you are ill and most importantly check-in and let us know how you are going. 

Let’s get going!!!

This is how intraining’s Runner’s Bingo works…

  1. Download your Bingo Card
  2. Choose the actions you want to aim for the week
    1. check the instructions below
  3. Cross them off as you go
  4. Join intraining Runners School Facebook Page
  5. POST up pics of your progress, actions, split times and Strava segments.  
  6. When you get a full line completed for the week…  Post up #intrainingrun with a pic of your card
  7. Be ready for the next week’s bingo card:  we have a total of 5 weeks


Listed below are basic instructions to match each action on your bingo card.  If you aren’t sure what it means, post up on the intraining Runner’s School Group page.  We’ll answer you there.  

Have fun!! JOIN intraining’s RUNNER’S BINGO CHALLENGE

Run a 400m TT on the track

Speed + New location

Leg speed, power and strength – something often forgotten with the long distance runner’s mileage

Warm up, an a few shorter reps if you want, then power out with control a fast 400m.


Set a new goal

Start planning now team!!

Goals should always have some flexibility to them.  Review your year and let’s aim towards the second half with a hope and belief that life will be normal again.

Post up your goals onto Runners School Facebook page


Find an accountability run buddy for the next 5 weeks

This is a BIGGIE!!  Every week you need to connect at least once with a friend who you know will keep you on track and out running.  Make a point of checking in on them, and share your running adventures. 


2km Kick session:   

3 – 5 reps over 2km, where the first 1500 is @10K pace, and the last 500m is fast to the finish.

You know we always love to help you hone your running skills. 

This session teaches you to make a change in speed, and hold it right to the end.  Recovery is a standing 2 mins

Make sure you pick a pace with 500m to go that you can keep right to the line!!


Dress up Run

Steve’s choice!!!   Be bold and show the world your sense of humour. 

We all know smiling can change your outlook.  Your challenge here is to head out the door in something to make you and the rest of the world laugh and smile.  Tutu’s, ties, colour, long socks, Hawaiian shirts.  

Yes…   Take a selfie and post it on the page. 


Make a STRAVA animal…  Runner’s Art

Share your artistic talent as a runner.  Give us your best pic of how you can run to make an animal. 

Did you know, we are actually testing your skill to pre plan, look ahead.   Racing is constantly about having to think ahead, strategise on how you are tracking and make choices mid race.   Practice here and post up your strava screen shot on the Runners School Facebook page. 


Rhythm km’s – with a watch.

One of our all time favourite sessions to hone your skill as a master pacer. 

This speed session will test your pace judgement….   

The session is:  3 – 5 x 1km, with 1km easy recovery (or 1 min stand recovery).  Every 1km rep has to be 5s faster than the previous.  

Your second last rep should be at your 5km pace. 

Before you start…  calculate what your starting 5km will be by working out your 2nd last rep pace (5km pace)

This is a controlled pace session. You should feel really easy at the start. Towards the end it will feel a bit harder but you should finish feeling you could do another rep if you had to.  If you run to fast or too slow you ignore it and keep trying to hit your original goal paces

Write these down – then when you are finished post up on the Runners School facebook Page what you did.

Kudos if you were close…  Super kudos (master pacer) if you nailed it


Post a running meme that describes exactly how you are feeling today

Time to make us all laugh…   Share your humour… post up on the runners School FB page. 


Run up a mountain

Come on Rocky…   Show us what you’re made of.   He never gave up when against the odds – so neither should we!!


Be an elite athlete 

Clay Dawson won the Australian 100km Champs in 2019 in a time of 

This calculates out to be    /km

How far can you run at his 100km race pace?

Here’s a chart to give you some splits.

Add this into your threshold run this week. 


Lactate km’s

Learn to run through the pain!!  This speed session goes like this:

3 – 5 x 1km, – first 200m FAST!!, last 800m cruise at 10k race pace. 

Recovery with 1km easy recovery or 2 mins stand. 

OUCH!!!   This one could hurt.   Better you learn how to do this now so when you get excited in your next race and go out too hard, you’ve practiced how to manage that lactate burn. 

Hone your running skills…  manage the lactate. 


Post your future ‘flat me’

Visualisation and pre-race routines prep you for your big race day.  They can get your running endorphins fired and you thinking strategically about how to run and how to manage those pre-race nerves. 

Putting your race kit out the night before your race, photographing it, and even trying it on is a perfect pre-race ritual.   We won’t be doing that for a while so let’s practice this before your next speed session or long run. 

Post your pre-race running kit pic on the Runners School facebook page…  just as if tomorrow is your race day!


Negative Split 2-3 x 3km

One of our intraining team’s favourite threshold session.   Controlled pacing with the negative split.   A continuous run broken into 3km sections with no recovery between each set.  Every 3km you have to run faster – but at these paces…   marathon pace, half marathon pace, 10km pace. 

Threshold runs should not be run much faster than 10km pace to gain maximum benefit. 


Run your longest run for 2020

Your distance…  Your choice…

Nothing more satisfying in training than ticking off your long runs for the year.  

Share your long run ‘win’ to let us know how far you went.


Name an athlete who inspires you

Inspiring athletes help us dream and stay motivated.  They give you strength knowing how they made it possible and a commitment to what you value. 


Meal Prep

Delicious dinners or die hard pre-race meal rituals.  Show case what you will be eating the night before your race later this year.  Share it on the Runners School Facebook page  – even if it’s the empty platter you have licked clean.  (Please don’t waste the rice!!)

You could even invite a friend if you’re both healthy!!


No watch hard run

EEEK!!!   No watch!!!   Yep, you read it right.  For all you running data geeks, this is going to challenge you to the core.  You have to run one of your regular timed routes with no watch….   

OK…  Let’s relax the rules a little because we can tell some of you are already sweating in panic…   You can cover your watch with duct tape…  but no peaking until you’re finished!!!

Post up your splits on the Runners School FB page  


Plank Day

Core strength session for you today, friends.    We have three exercises you need to do. 

#1 Plank for 1- 5 mins

#2 ITB Roller Balance

#3 Single leg balance on an unstable base with your eyes closed.

You’ve got 10 mins!!   Ready, Set, Go!!


New location – Trail or road?

Chill day.   Go and explore the world.   You all know that one of the most enjoyable runs is in a new location.  You see the world from a different perspective, experience different sights, sounds and smells. 

Running should be about your experience as well as your training. 


Post run Brekkie

Make our mouths water….  Show us how you spoil yourself after a long run. 

Is it pancakes and ice-cream, avocado smash, or simply good old Aussie Weetbix. 

Post up your plate on the Runners School Page.  


Run a hard 5k add 6 x 150’s

Steve & Zoe love this session!!   It’s one of their many peaking sessions to fine tune leg speed leading into a major race. 

Do a Saturday 5km fast, rest for 5 mins, then knock out a few 150m strides. 

Focus on your running form.


Pyramid Session – Speed session

Pacing… Pacing… Pacing…   Get it right from the start… 

Your session is:  500m, 1km, 2km, 1km, 500m.   

If you are more experienced and training for the marathon you could do 1km, 2km  3km, 2km, 1km with 2 mins stand rec. 

BUT…  you have to run the 2nd 1km & 500m faster than the first part of the session. 

Recovery is a steady Jog 500m to 1km

Post how good you are at being a master pacer.



Power, strength, reaction time and coordination.   Before your next run add a series of running drills to your warm up. 

You only need to do each on twice to gain some strength to your running.  

Check on your run buddy

You’ve got to stay connected.   Don’t become a sole runner unless you have to.  Keep your running buddies connected, motivated and ready for an exciting 2nd half of the year’s running



You read right…   PB!!   Just because we don’t have official races to check on our progress, doesn’t mean you can’t go out and run a hard 3km, 5km or 10km.  You never know…  you could score yourself a PB.  

Plus, time trialling is incredibly powerful to do to train your mindset towards running strong in future races.  


Train right, look after your feet, and  stay injury free.  

There is no reason for you to stop running unless you are injured.  And if you get injured…  come and see our podiatry and physiotherapy running team at intraining Running Injury Clinic. 

Running shoes will wear out….  Just because the running races aren’t the same, don’t neglect them.  intraining Running Centre is open as usual just with extra precaution on hygiene standards. 

Make this a year to hone your running skills, focus on really enjoying the process of training and loving the great outdoors

We’re here to keep you running. 


Have fun

Steve, Margot and our intraining Team.