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Training tips to help your running 

Weekly training tips and strategies you can use to improve your running, stay motivated and use as form focus.  Question Icon 05

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Happy Running,

Steve and Margot Manning

MAY 2021

tip 52521

SHARPENING: Power sessions and Predictor runs sharpen you for races.

You are to run hard, but always to maintain control.

This is a perfect practice or combining the pace control, and form focus you have been using at training so far.

The predictor 10km gives you time to use as a guide for race day pace.

Add this to your program 2-3 weeks out from race day.



Tip14.Pre Race Prep imagePRE-RACE Prep: FOOTCARE

Tidy your feet up before your race – cut your toenails, remove your Callouses, Get rid of old black toenails ( if they are partially attached).
While these things may be a ‘badge of honour’ for some, they can become quite painful and may even hamper your training and race performance as it’s not unusual for blisters to suddenly appear mid-race.

Blisters can form due to the hardened callous skin rubbing on the softer skin layer below, and is more likely if you are running faster and/or further than usual (ie race conditions). If you have too much callous, can’t reach it, or just don’t want to touch your own feet… come see our Podiatrists. Lucky for you they like feet and know how to tidy them up ready to race.


Tip13.Injury Calf Tears imageINJURY: Calf Tears and Niggles.

Significant Calf tears may be avoided with a simple plan… STOP when you first feel an unusual sensation or pull in the calf. AVOID stretching, heat and massage for 72 hours… APPLY Ice and REST immediately.

Return to running should be done cautiously and with guidance to ensure strength is regained and to avoid further re-tearing.

It’s too easy to keep having calf problems once done, Coma and see us at the clinic for management of both the injury and your training if you get calf niggles.


Tip11.FORM TIP 3 imagePACE CONTROL: Superhero status.

Feeling like a superhero on every run, because running has become easy, fun and full of PB’s? Take a moment to enjoy it, but you’ll now need more focus on self-control.

It’s higher mileage month and you must have self-control. It’s very easy to go from feeling on top of the world to despair by simply running too hard too often. Uncontrolled racing & speed = Kryptonite.

Stay on top of the world by training smart and not harder. Take care.



Weekend running with intraining:  May

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  • When: Saturday 29th May
  • Where: South Bank
  • Time: 7 am

intraining Long Run

  • When: Sunday 30th May
  • Where: Toowong Loop to Loop over Highgate Hill
  • Time: 5:30 am
  • Distance: 15k to 30k

Stay on the road this season.

  • Check-in with your coaches
  • Stay connected to your running buddies
  • Get your niggles checked early with our podiatry and physiotherapy team
  • Rotate your running shoes

We’re all here to help you love your running.




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