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Training tips to help your running 

Weekly training tips and strategies you can use to improve your running, stay motivated and use as form focus.  Question Icon 05

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Steve and Margot Manning

JUNE 2021

200040814 982202555669600 7685879509074389829 n“Racing at Gold Coast…. now’s not the time to be overexerting yourself.

With less mileage to bank in the coming week, you might experience some restlessness. This is not a sign to get some of those jobs done you’ve been putting off while you busy training. Now is not the time to be mowing your lawn or doing DIY.

Don’t go being adventurous and try something new. I know it’s hard, the maranoria is nagging at you to keep busy.

Take a deep breath, hang in there, race day is just around the corner.

You’ve done the hard yards, trust the program.”



tip61521Check your shoes: It’s been a while since the start of the year and they do fatigue.

Think of how many steps of pounding the pavement they have done and how good they have been to your feet and legs. Refresh sooner rather than later so your legs don’t get unwanted fatigue too. Most training shoes last between 600 – 800km.

If you aren’t sure come and see our team at intraining. They’d love to help you (& to hear how your running is going).




tip 6821RECOVERY: ICE IMMERSION: Are you brave enough for an ice bath?Coldwater immersion and muscle recovery: Studies have shown that there is up to 16% improvement in the perceived reduction of pain at 24 & 48 hours post intensive exercise, but has minimal effect in speeding up the recovery of muscle strength and power. (British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2012 & 2014)
The recommendations based on these studies suggest that CWI has its place in muscle recovery if only to reduce the pain levels, and there is no harm in this treatment. Coming into winter, backyard pools are an easy place to test this yourself following long runs and speedwork.

Fun Fact: The Human Polar Bear Club began in the 1890s by Professor Louis Sugarman, who would plunge daily in the Mohawk River, even when the thermostat hit 23 below zero.


tip6621 pTapering for your major race: You’ve done the training and now you need to prime yourself ready to race. 

Here’s 3 Tips for your week.

#1 Tune into your race pace. Put your focus in training onto your sensing your pace.

#2 Create your nutrition plan for the days leading in and for race day.

#3. Aim to sleep well early in the week and don’t worry about race morning.

Good luck and enjoy your race experience.


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Gold  Coast Marathon 2021 event cancelled details here


Stay on the road this season.

  • Check-in with your coaches
  • Stay connected to your running buddies
  • Get your niggles checked early with our podiatry and physiotherapy team
  • Rotate your running shoes

We’re all here to help you love your running.




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