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kids running groups

Kids Running Groups are ideal for primary school students who want to improve their fitness and train for a school district, state and national cross country and track championships and other sports.  These are fun training sessions that include running technique drills, speedwork and race strategies.  Our philosophy is to help kids learn the love of running while developing the skills they need to race, compete and play sport. 

Our Kids Running Groups are coordinated by experienced coaches who understand that running needs to be all about enjoyment at a young age with the view they can be runners for life. The two sessions available each week involve a warm-up, running form drills and completed with a game to warm down.

Monday Kids Groups: 4:30pm

  • Chermside
    • Coach: Solly Egan

Monday Kids Groups: 4:15pm

  •  New Farm Park

    • Coach: Tracy Baker

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