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kids running groups

Foster a life-long love of running

Teaching your kids to love running is our number one priority.

Fostering this life-long love of running and exercise is pretty easy when you connect your kids to a community.

intraining’s Kids Running Groups are a supportive, friendly, fun and motivating community.

They are ideal for primary school students who want to:

  • start running or train to compete in cross country and track
  • improve their fitness for other sports like soccer, netball and their other sports
  • learn how to race
  • develop smart racing strategies
  • just run and have fun.

The intraining kids groups are fun training sessions that include:

  • running technique drills
  • speedwork and race strategies
  • warm up routines
  • creative running games to add fun to their run

Our Lovely Coaching Team

You’ll love them!!

Solly and John Egen run the Chermside kids groups.

Tracy Baker and Kahli Brean run the New Farm Park kids groups. 

They are experienced and very supportive coaches who know how to make running fun while teaching your kids running skills.  Most importantly our team encourage kids to develop a love of running  with the view they can be runners for life.

The Sessions

At the sessions we take the kids through:

  • a warm-up run and exercises,
  • running form drills to improve running co-ordination, balance and leg strength
  • a session of running focusing on speed, running strategies, hills, cornering, and other cross country and running skills
  • A fun running warm down game.


Chermside & New Farm

Monday afternoons

Term Fees / child

Casual running attendance $14

Full Term Fees: For intraining Running & Triathlon Club members

Term 1  9 weeks  $108

Term 2  9 weeks  $108

Term 3 10 weeks  $120

Term 4 10 weeks  $120

intraining Club membership for kids:  $44

Find out more about the intraining club HERE  …  your cub membership includes a free  intraining singlet!!

For Casual runs:  $14/session

For more information or to set up a call to talk with someone about the sessions email intraining at [email protected]They 


There are two steps to sign up.  Each step has it’s own log in and password details.

Step one:   Join the Club

  • Click HERE to Join the club
  • Note:  The log in details for the Intraining Club  membership are NOT automatically the same as the Wallet log in details.

Step 2:  Pay for your sessions

You need to set up a training wallet with intraining Running Centre to pay for your sessions.

To do this:

    • If this is your first time click REGISTER 
    • If you already have a wallet set up  click LOGIN 
    • NOTE:  If this is your first time you will need to set up NEW login details.
      • Your log in is NOT the same as the club membership
  • Select if you are a club member or not
    • For Club members →  Select the KIDS GROUPS button if a club member 
    • For Non club members →  purchase a session pass
  •   You will need to sign up for the annual intraining club membership (only $44) if you want to pay the term fees.

Monday Kids Groups: 4:30pm

  • Chermside, 7th Brigade Park
    • Coaches:
    • Solly & John Egan

Monday Kids Groups: 4:15pm

  •  New Farm Park
    • Coaches: Tracy Baker & 
    • Kahli Brean

Contact Us

If you want more information or need help signing up for the club and the training groups, please fill in the form below.  One of our team will reply as soon as possible, or leave a text message with Margot Manning on 0437026092.