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Love2Run – December16 e news

  intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e- News – December 2016
As the year draws to a close it is a great time to reflect on the year that was. Get out your training diaries and have a look at what you have accomplished this year. Whether that was participating in your first fun run or having completed more kilometres than the previous year. Taking a look at the last 12 months is a great motivator for the year ahead.

Start planning and get your goals organised for 2017. If you are looking to run a half or full marathon – we highly recommend attending the FREE information morning for the Marathon School 2017.

The easiest way to finish a half or full marathon in 2017

In this this issue:
Protect your eyes: Running sunglasses that won’t break the bank
Suunto Spartan Winner: Congratulations to our $1030 Suunto winner!
Avoiding chore-related injury: Do you have a back strain coming?
Forget something?: Don’t stress… we are open late before Christmas
Running Form Workshop Series: Running made easy in 2017
Twilight Running Festival: Lace up… Twilight is on 19th March 2017

Did you know running facts – Part 31
Rainer Predl of Austria however, took running on a treadmill to another level. Over a 7 day period, Rainer completed 853.46 km, where he set a new world record for treadmill running.

There’s more: the extreme athlete holds the world record for 100 km on a treadmill. Whilst there is no better substitute to running outdoors,  a treadmill running session every now and then can increase cadence and reducing impact whilst running.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!


Protect your eyes from the elements with Tifosi
Running specific sunglasses that won’t break the bank
The latest range of Tifosi sunglasses have arrived at intraining Running Centre. The lightweight, running specific sunglass range is a winner this Christmas if you are in the market for a pair of high quality sunglasses that won’t break the bank. Starting at just $49.95, the Tifosi Seek FC suit all face shapes and sizes with adjustable ear and nose pieces.

Tifosi Seek FC - Metallic red - Just $49.95 at intraining Running CentreSeek FC features
– Full coverage lens ideal for protecting your eyes from the elements
– Pliable arms with a high bend strength
– Hydrophilic rubber ear and nose pieces for a no-slip fit.
– Adjustable ear and nose pieces for a customizable, comfortable fit
– Available in a range of colours

You only have one pair of eyes. Give them the protection they need when you are out in the elements.

Tifosi Seek FC


We love giving away free stuff… the WINNER is…
Christmas comes early for one lucky person
Suunto Spartan Ultra - Congratulations Steven TrimTogether with Suunto we are excited to announce our winner of the brand new Suunto Spartan Ultimate running and multisport watch, valued at $1030.

Congratulations to Steven Trim of Brisbane!

Steven was one of a handful of people who spent over $300 between November 1 and December 20 and went in the draw to WIN the Suunto Spartan Ultimate watch (read our review here) giveaway competition. Steven was drawn at random and is now the proud recipient of the feature laden flagship watch from Suunto.

*Remember: You can still get yourself a cracking deal on Suunto until 31 December and save up to 30% plus extra cash back.


Don’t let your holidays break you- Doug James (physiotherapist)
Gardening, chores, yard work and keeping injury free
The end of year holidays is a great time to unwind and relax, and recover from a busy year of work and running. It’s also a time when people decide to get stuck into chores they’ve been putting off.  Just as dramatic increases in running training can lead to injury, doing a lot more repetitive physical labour than usual can also lead to injury.

One of the more common causes of lower back pain is from muscle and ligament strains caused by gardening and yard work. The repetitive movements of lifting and twisting, combined with prolonged periods of poor posture and bending can lead to….

Click here to view the full article in December’s From the Sole enews.

Don't let your holiday break you - By Doug James (podiatrist and physiotherapist)

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.


Last minute gift shopping?
Don’t stress… we are open late during the holidays
Stocking filler for the kiddiesWe know that things can get very busy leading up to Christmas and New Year with last minute work deadlines and organising holidays. So, we understand when you have not quite had the time to get your Christmas shopping done.

If this sounds like you, don’t dispair, we are OPEN during the leadup to Christmas and New Year with extended trading hours. So if life has gotten in the way and you need to find refuge, we are here to help at both Indooroopilly and Milton locations.

Click here for extended trading hours

Running Form Workshop Series – Jan/Feb 2016
Feel lighter on your feet with drills to improve your running
The 2017 form workshop series will assist with improved control & coordination, whilst minimising the change of injury.  The workshop will provide participants with an overview of different types of running gaits, biomechanical reasons behind these, and an understanding of how and when improvements in running form can be beneficial.

Sign up today for the
Running Form Workshop Series
Jan-Feb 2017

Who is this for?
This workshop is ideal for both experienced and those new to running form modification. The three session series will have an emphasis on improving technique through running drills as well as theory behind how we run. Under the guidance of the intraining physiotherapy, podiatry and coaching team, each session will fine tune your running skills with drills to help you reach your running potential.

Date: Saturday 28 Jan, 4th Feb, 11th Feb 2017
Time slots available:
Session 1: 3:00pm: Those new to running form
Session 2: 4:30pm: Advanced running form and drills
Cost: $99.00 for 3 sessions
Duration: 70mins each week for 3 weeks
Location: University of Queensland Athletics Track car park.

Click here for more information

December running form workshop


UQ Twilight Running Festival 2017
Lace up those shoes… Twilight is here…
Lace up those shoes and get ready for the 9th annual Twilight Running Festival which will be held on 19th March 2017.

Enter online now

UQ Twilight Running Festival 2017We are excited to announce more freedom, more fun with even more friends in 2017 with cheaper entry fees so you can make the start line. Whether you are new to Twilight or back for your 9th time. Come along and join in the biggest Twilight Run event in Australia.

2017 Super Early Bird Entry Fees
Half Marathon: $70.00
10km Run/Walk: $45.00
5km Run/Walk: $35.00
1km Active Kids Run: $20.00

This is a running event you do not want to miss. Run under the moon and stars in 2017. Online entry is now open.

Set yourself a goal in 2017 - Half Marathon, 10km, 5km and 1km Active Kids Run