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Love2Run – March17 e news

Love2Run March17
intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – March 2017
Training is racing is well under way as the Twilight Running Festival set things in motion for the 2017 running season two weeks ago. The mornings are darker, cooler and it is time to shift gear in your thinking during the Autumn running season.

This month’s edition of Love 2 Run enews focuses on your clothing selection, being visible as the days grow shorter as well as ankle injury treatment, avoidance and rehabilitation.

Whether you need advice on footwear to kickstart that motivation, looking for tips on how to improve your running or need help with a running injury, we are here 7 days a week to satisfy all your running needs.

In this this issue:
Safety & style: Technology breakthrough improves visibility in the dark
Don’t be a dork: Seamless transition from your run to the coffee shop
Ankle sprain holding you back?: What you need to know about sprains
Running Form Workshop 30 April: Toe runner, heel runner or no idea?
Brisbane Marathon Festival: Bigger & better in 2017… Tick the box

Did you know running facts – Part 2
Ed Whitlock - Aged 80 Toronto Waterfront MarathonFollowing on from our January newsletter, it is with great sadness that the man with the seemlingly endless fountain of running youth, Ed Whitlock, passed away on 13 March 2017 from prostate cancer, aged 86.

Ed Whitlock was an English-born Canadian long-distance runner, and the first person over 70 years old to run a marathon in less than three hours with an over 70 PB time of 2:54:48. Not to mention running a marathon in 3:15:54 at the age of 80. Ed has a range of  records for his age most of which are quite simply, impossible to believe. Check them out here.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!


Asics technical apparel ensures you are seen
Safety and style first…a bright decision to make
As the days continue to shortern and we are more often than not faced with running in low light conditions, it is time to start thinking about how well you are seen out running. When it comes to safety, we are all for high visibility clothing and we have a range available in store.

Image for fit purpose only. Colours may varyWhilst HI-VIS fluoro coloured clothing provide fantastic safety features, there are some of us who prefer something a little more subtle. Enter Asics’ latest range of Lite-Show apparel and footwear.

The new range of Lite-Show apparel introduced by Asics features a new technology where reflective fibres are woven directly into the fabric and bounce light back directly to it’s source.

Standard reflective clothing and Asics Lite-Show
– Lite-Show does not wear out and is permanent part of the thread.
– Lite-Show features 360 degree reflectivity.
– Increased surface area of visibility, ensuring you are seen by others.

If you are keen to increase your visibility and looking for an alternative to the fluoro hi-vis running gear to be seen, the new Asics Lite-Show range is a bright decision to make.

At intraining Running Centre, we have a range of technical running apparel for Autumn and Winter seasons that will help increase your visibility out on the road.

Asics Lite-Show technology - Available at intraining Running Centre


NEW Adidas Eyewear – Wildcharge
Seamless transition from your run to the coffee shop
When you think of running glasses or most ‘sport specific’ eyewear, one word often springs to mind if you are not out exercising, dorky. Whilst these glasses look the goods when you are pumping out the km’s, when it comes to that all important coffee shop refuel, it is time to put them away.

Worry no more, the latest rendition of function meets form comes from Adidas Eyewear’s latest Wildcharge range of sunglasses. Allowing a seamless transition from training to the cafe. Enjoy the freedom of looking good both on and off the track without second guessing yourself after catching a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of the windows at your local.

Featuring adjustable nose pads to fit even the smallest of faces, ribbed ear temples that ensure non slip comfort and is available in a range of colours to suit your every mood.

Drop by the intraining Running Centre and blur the lines between your your sport and social lifestyle.

Adidas Wildcharge - Blur the lines between sport and social


Ankle Sprains – Doug James (physiotherapist and podiatrist)
Overcoming ankle sprain injuries – The how to…
Click here to learn more about ankle sprainsAnkle sprains are a common running injury that can result in minor short term impairment through to severe pain and chronic instability. Ankle sprain injuries can arise from seemingly innocuous event, such as stepping on a slightly uneven surface or stone, through to more predictable occurrences eg slipping during an evening trail run in wet conditions.

The ankle is most commonly sprained in an inverted position – this is where the lateral (outside) part of the foot tilts downwards and the force of your bodyweight and momentum causes one or more of the ligaments on the outside ankle bone to stretch.

Ankle sprain injuries are typically assigned a grading from 1 to 3 based on the degree of damage to the ligaments. If you are interested in finding out more about ankle sprain treatment, rehab and other information, click here to view the full article in March’s From the Sole enews.

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Running Form Workshop – 30 April 2017
Toe, forefoot, midfoot, heel striker… not sure how you run?
If you missed out on a place in the Form Workshop previously, now is your time to get organised. The Running Form Workshop is a hands 60min on running specific workshop designed to help improve your running form and efficiency.

Register now for Running Form Workshop
30 April 2017

Ever wondered why or how some people can run so fast? Just think they are freaks? The big secret to running faster starts with your running form. Without sound running form, your capacity to improve will be minimised, no matter how much running you do. The April workshop will provide participants with a hands on experience, with detailed and demonstrated drills to help improve your running form.

All running drills are conducted under the supervision of podiatry, physiotherapy clinicians as well as experienced running coaches who are experts in form and biomechanics.

Click here to find out more

Running Form Workshop - 30 April 3017


Brisbane Marathon Festival 2017
Tick the box in the 26th edition Brisbane Marathon in August
We are excited once again to present the 26th annual Brisbane Marathon Festival on 6 August 2017. This year we are excited to introduce a new course which will take participants on a tour of Brisbane.

A flatter, faster and more scenic course is coming in 2017. Set your sights on completing the full or half marathon, 10km, 5km and let the kids loose in the 2.2km Mini Marathon.

Online entries are not far away. Register your interest online and get ready to tick the box on 6 August.

Click here to register your interest

Brisbane Marathon Festival - A scenic course with exciting new changes