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Love2Run – October16 enews

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  intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – October 2016
Under two months until Christmas… yep it really is that close. But we will hold off on the tinsel for a little while longer. This months edition of Love2Run focuses on getting the most out of your body with some great new product releases that make recovery and training a breeze.

In this this issue:
Garmin 735XT: A watch that can do it all…Garmin 735XT
2XU Ice-X: The discrete and easy way to boost your recovery
Thirsty work: Hydration and enhancing your performance
Are you breathing correctly?: Tips on how to breathe when running
Never run before?: Check out our success stories… from 2mins to 10km
Running Form Workshop: Transform your running in December 2016
Twilight Running Festival: Lace up… Twilight is coming in 2017

Did you know running facts – Part 29
Ever wondered how much you sweat whilst running? An average person sweats between 800ml to 1.4 litres per hour during exercise. To help you with a visual, a standard water bottle typically hold 600mls of fluid and the larger bottles hold 700ml of fluid.

How about an elite runner you ask? One of the greatest runners of all time, Haile Gebreselassie, lost 9.8% of his starting body weight at the Berlin Marathon when he set the marathon world record, dropping from 58.2 kg to 52.5 kg. He apparently drank 1.7 liters during the race, but sweated out 3.6 liters per hour.

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!


Our take on the latest Garmin Forerunner 735XT
A watch so good… it almost does exercises for you
Are you a multisport addict? Do you demand the most out of your equipment? Garmin, who need no introduction, are the leader in GPS sports technologies. The latest introduction to the already extensive Forerunner range of GPS watches is the Forerunner 735XT – the triathlon and multisport focused watch that has left no stone un-turned in the quest to offer the athlete with a watch that has it all.

Top stand out features
Running dynamics: Whilst not new to the Garmin list of features, the benefits of running dynamics can improve running efficiency through analysis on ground contact time, vertical bounce and stride length.

Heart rate measurement: For many of us, the reason we do not monitor our heart rate in training and in races is for the simple fact that heart rate monitors can be uncomfortable, cause chafing and even have problems reading on certain body shapes. Introducing the new optical wrist based heart rate measurement of the 735XT.

Strava alerts in real time - Garmin Forerunner 735XTLiveTrack and Strava integration: We live in a world of virtual social interaction, where a run is done unless it is online. The 735XT when paired with your phone, allows instant Strava integration as well as tracking your exact whereabouts.

Read our full review here.

The 735XT is a watch that can do it all. If you are eager to push your body to the limit and be as efficient as you can be, then the 735XT will get you there.

Whether you are looking for information on how to use your watch, looking for an upgrade or just want to find out more, come visit the experts at intraining Running Centre.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT - Optical heart rate measurement


How to recover from your workout quicker
2XU Ice-X Compression tights
We all want to train harder and recover faster. The problem is our body can only do so much to be ready for that next training session. Whilst having an ice bath and wearing standard compression is great, there are two problems for most of us.New 2XU - Ice X
1. We work and do not have time to have an ice-bath
2. Most compression tights become hot and sweaty in summer.

Enter the new range of 2XU Ice Compression tights. Naturally cooling to the touch, ICE-X Compression can help to reduce surface skin temperature. Powerful compression support to entire leg muscles to help prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and long term overuse injuries.

Possibly the best thing of the 2XU Ice-X range of tights is that we can receive the benefits of icing and compression, all whilst sitting at a desk in our work clothes.

Visit our trained staff at the intraining Running Centre to ensure that you purchase the correct size to maximise the benefits of 2XU Ice-X.

2XU - IceX Cooling and Compression - Available at intraining Running Centre


Thirsty work in the summer – by Liz Lovering (dietitian)
Perform better when you are hydrated…
Now the weather is warming up it’s important to consider your fluid needs. Fluid losses from sweat are very individual and several factors affect how much fluid we need, including; genetics, size, environment (a hot Queensland summer day vs a cool winter morning), exercise intensity and fitness levels.

Water is great for general hydration and short low intensity runs, but for those more intense sessions or long runs in hot conditions, sports drinks (or electrolyte replacement formulas) provide fluid and important electrolytes.

Electrolyte replacement (especially sodium) is particularly important when running in …Click here to view the full article in October’s From the Sole newsletter, by dietitian, Liz Lovering and get yourself hydrated this summer.

Thirsty work - get the most out of your body

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.


Are you breathing correctly? – by Doug James (physiotherapist)
Top tips to help you breathe right when running…
A commonly asked question amongst new runners is ‘how am I supposed to breathe while running?’ This is usually asked because breathing is often the limiting factor to being able to run further or faster.

Correct technique can also help make running more comfortable and improve your performance.

3 tips to help you ‘breathe right’
1. Use your diaphragm: This involves pushing your stomach out to more fully expand your lungs. Pausing slightly once you have fully inhaled helps to get oxygen to more parts of your lungs.
2. Time your breathing for your pace: When running at a comfortable pace aim to breathe in for 3-4 steps, then breathe out for the same time. As your pace or effort (eg during hills) increases so will your breathing rate (up to 1 breath in/out per step for sprinting).
3. Don’t hunch your shoulders: Avoid using muscles above your collar bone as this prevents you using your diaphragm as effectively.

The above tips can help guide you to better breathing techniques while running. Read the full article by intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatrist and physiotherapist – Doug James in October’s ‘From the Sole‘ monthly clinic enewsletter.

Breathe right and maximise your running potential

‘From the Sole’ articles are written by our intraining Running Injury Clinic podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian , massage therapy  and coaching team.

Make an appointment to see one of our clinicians who can assist with diagnosing and treating your running related injury.

Running Form Workshop – 3 December 2016
Improve strength, coordination and running speed
Join the intraining Running Injury Clinic and coaching team for a practical form workshop. The workshop is designed to provide a hands on focus at improving the way you run in a single day workshop.

Who is this for?
This workshop is ideal for runners who have participated in a previous running form workshop. The session will have an emphasis on improving technique through running drills and feedback. Under the guidance of the intraining physiotherapy, podiatry and coaching team, this session will fine tune the way you have learnt the running drills previously and give you a session plan to do over the summer

When: Saturday 3 December
Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Dress: Running clothing and footwear
Cost: $30 or ($25 for intraining club members)

If you are a beginner runner or can’t attend the December workshop, the three part Form Workshop in February 2017 will provide a greater emphasis on how to perform drills and develop these skills over three hands-on sessions.

Click here for more information

December running form workshop


Twilight Running Festival 2017
Lace up those shoes… Twilight is coming…
Excitement is building for the 2017 Twilight Running Festival. Some exciting news is soon to be announced.

This is a running event you do not want to miss. Run under the moon and stars in 2017. Online entries are coming soon…

Register your interest online

Lace up your shoes - Twilight Running Festival is coming...