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Love 2 Run March news

intraining’s monthly Love 2 Run e-News – March 2016
Running season is here and it is time to start thinking about how you will prepare for upcoming events. Ask yourself a few questions, how old are your running shoes? Have you planned which events you would like to do? Do you have an injury that just won’t leave you alone? Get your running season off to a good start and make sure you are ready to go. Drop by and we can help you with footwear and injury advice through to which events are a must do this season!

In this this issue:
A sock with all the Feetures: Close fit, no bunching and dries quickly
Need a new Garmin?: Comparison of features – 630, 230 and 235 range
Post race recovery: The Do’s and Don’ts of training after a race.
Brisbane Marathon Festival: Mark 25yrs of Brisbane’s running history
Twilight Bay Run: Register your interest for the 24 September event.
FREE Healthy Lifestyle workshop: 7th and 21st April. RSVP now.

Free healthy lifestyle seminar - conducted by dietitian, chef and running coach, Liz Lovering

Did you know running facts – Part 23
It appears as though the allure of holding a Guiness Record is taking shape quickly in the sport of running. Would you run a half marathon in a full suit? In the past four weeks the Guiness Record has been tested twice across the globe, with the time being lowered from 1:24, to 1:18 by Rex Woodbury from New York.

Although not on a course that is certified just yet, Japanese elite marathon runner, Yuki Kawauchi who is known for his unconventional approach to running long distances, crushed the 1hr24 mark and ran 1:06:42. That is averaging 3:10/km or 18.96km/hr!

Stay healthy, keep active and have a happy run!


Why do you need to ‘Feeture’ your feet?
Functional and funky Feetures!
If you have run anything further than 5km you will understand why cotton socks are a distant and painful memory. Gone are the days of hot, sweaty and blister lacerated feet. With the myriad of technical running socks available it can be quite the task to select your Cindarella sock.

At the top of our list for 2016 are the new Feetures range of technical running socks. Anatomically designed and seam free, your feet will soon realise how beneficial this is. Feetures socks follow the contours of your foot ensuring a fit akin to a second skin. A reinforced toe box ensures you will enjoy a long and hole free running experience.

Feetures are available three different weights, with ultra light, light and max cushion versions as well as a range of funky and fun colours that will brighten your mood even during the early hours of the morning.

Drop by intraining and select the colour that matches your eyes, clothes or just your mood of the day and Feeture your feet in your next run.

Feetures socks - available at intraining Running Centre


Looking for a new Garmin running watch?
Narrow down your choice with features you will use
GPS running watches are now the norm with the ‘bleep’ km autolap sound a common sound heard amongst training groups. We are all looking for more information, more stats and learn more about ourselves, which the latest Garmin watches are here to appease.

Garmin have been the market leader of GPS running watches for a few years now and with the advent of the Forerunner 630, 230 and 235 there is everything you could want in a watch. The question is how do you choose which is best for you?

Quick comparison:
Forerunner 630: The bee’s knee’s of running watches. If you are a runner who would like to use the ‘virtual pacer’ function to keep your training/racing under control this is the only watch offering your own personal training partner.

Forerunner 230: Boasts all the key features of the 630 without virtual pacer function. This includes recovery estimator, running cadence, heart rate and more.

Forerunner 235: Ideal for the runner who is tired of wearing a heart rate monitor on the chest but still wants all the features of the 230. The new 235 has built in heart rate measurement all on the wrist.

Confused or need some more advice? Ask one of our staff in store, we have more knowledge on running watches than an encyclopedia and can help you make the right choice.


Do’s & don’ts of post race recovery – by Steve Manning (coach)
Keep yourself injury free with these tips
Hard races can be the best training for improving performance as long as you have adequate recovery. Allowing your body time to recover after an event is crucial if you are looking to reduce your chance of injury, increase your performance and reduce the chance of ‘burnout’. The higher level of effort experienced during a race can cause physiological damage that can lead to muscle soreness and if ignored even injury.

A common misconception of some runners is to take time off completely as a ‘reward’ for putting in the effort. This can lead to muscles and tendons stiffening and ultimately upon return lead to injury. On the other hand some runners who have had a great race feel motivated and train too hard too soon without adequate recovery. Then there is the flipside after a poor result. Many will choose train hard immediately after an event in the search for improvement.

Whatever your result after your event, make sure you give yourself some time to recover. Active recovery is great and will enable your body to recover without stopping altogether.

Summary of post race recovery tips

– Minimum 1 week recovery for every 10km run
– Do not stop running completely and get back to routine ASAP
– Let your body and mind recover by doing some cross training
– Don’t push it too hard too soon after your event

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Brisbane Marathon Festival – 25th anniversary
Online registrations are open for 7 August 2016
Excitement is building quickly with thousands eager to be a part of the special celebration in 2016. Brisbane Marathon Festival will be held on Sunday 7 August as Queensland’s capital city marathon event.

The Brisbane Marathon is Queensland’s second oldest official marathon event. Make 2016 your year to complete the marathon in Brisbane on one of the most picturesque courses in Australia.Join the event on Facebook and keep up to date with the latest news

The predominantly flat course in Brisbane and early starting times are ideal for breaking personal best times.

Check out the start times below:

42.195km Marathon: 6:00am
21.0975km Half Marathon: 6:00am
10km Run/Walk: 6:30am
5km Run/Walk: 10:00am
2.2km Kids Mini Mara: 10:15am

Brisbane Marathon Festival - 25th anniversary - Entries now open