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Marathon School 2019

Are you inspired to run a half or full marathon in 2019? We help hundreds of people, of all abilities reach goals they never thought possible. The intraining Marathon School program is a trusted and proven program with 100’s of success stories.

You will enjoy your marathon or half marathon experience with a supportive team of coaches and a large community of like-minded runners.

Launch Day – February 2nd at intraining Milton

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The intraining Marathon School program is:

We can help you realise a dream you never thought possible.

Remember to keep up to date with all your training sessions and what’s on by visiting the official Marathon School facebook page and ensure you contact our coaching coordinator to be added our weekly training emails.

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What is Included

About the school

The intraining Marathon School was founded by Steve Manning (level 3 Athletics Coach) to create a structure for social and recreational athletes of to train for a marathon or half marathon. intraining have helped coach thousands of athletes over the past 30 years to achieve goals they never thought possible. The intraining Marathon School program follows a minimalist training approach requiring just three to four days a week of commitment to achieve your goals.

The intraining Marathon School provides a supportive environment of experienced coaches who are dedicated to help you achieve your own personal goals. The intraining Marathon School welcomes beginner and advanced runners with the goal of finishing a half or full marathon together with like-minded people.

Is the program for me?

If you can answer yes to the questions below, then the intraining Marathon School will unleash your potential in 2019.

Training Sessions

intraining Running Centre supports the Marathon School by providing access to a wide variety of training locations and times across Brisbane to ensure you can attend a session near you. View session locations below or check out the map of training locations.

DaySession typeLocationsTimes
TuesdayLong Speed1. New Farm Park: Rose Garden
2: Priestdale: Underwood Park
3. Graceville: Simpsons Playground, Nadine St
4. Chapel Hill: Russell Terrace
5. Nathan: QEII Athletics Track
6. Windsor: Noble Street, Downey Park
7. St Lucia: UQ Athletics Track car park
8: Stones Corner, end of Lincoln St
9. Chermide: Huxtable Park
10. St Lucia: Cnr Keith St and Macquarie St
11. New Farm Park: Rose Garden
12. New Farm Park: Rose Garden
13. Springfield: Education Dr, Robelle Domain Cafe
14. Chermide: Delaware St, 7th Brigade Park
1. 5:00am
2: 5:15am
3. 5:30am
4. 5:30am
5. 5:30am
6. 5:30am
7. 5:30am
8. 5:30am
9. 6:30pm
10. 6:15pm
11. 5:30pm
12. 6:30pm
13. 6:15pm
14. 6:15pm
ThursdayThreshold Speed

1. New Farm Park: Rose Garden
2. Indooroopilly: Ambrose Treacy car park
3. Chermside: Delaware St, 7th Brigade Park
4. St Lucia: UQ Athletics Track
5. Milton: 33 Park Road (intraining Running Centre)
6. New Farm Park: Rose Garden

7: Indooroopilly: Night Flyers
1. 5:30am
2. 5:15am
3: 5:15am
4. 6:00am
5. 6:00pm
6. 6:30pm

7: 7:30pm
FridayThreshold1. Kedron Brook Rd and Macgregor St, Wilston1. 5:15am
SaturdaySpeed Endurance1. Various locations: parkrun
2. Various locations: Cross country
1. Various
2. Various
SundayLong Run1. Various locations
2. Various events (Brisbane Road Runners etc...)
1. Various
2. Various

Some of our Success Stories

Donna Buckley: I never thought I could run 2mins let alone 10km. My running journey began here.
Read about Donna’s story here

Catrin Waye: 5mins to 5km to 10km. I am now a ‘real runner’. A welcoming environment for anyone and everyone wanting to give it a go.
Read about Catrin’s story here

Amanda Cutlack: 5km to marathon. The Marathon School definitely changed my life.
Read about Amanda’s story here

Matty Horsten: A life changing experience. The Marathon School helped me yearn, learn and earn my first half marathon in 2011 and I have been coming back ever since.
Click here to hear what Matty has to say (coming soon)


I am a beginner runner but I have other commitments, can I do it?

Yes, the runners we have had in the past have been from all walks of life. CEO’s of engineering firms to shift workers. The intraining Marathon School program is written for each runner. Whatever your commitments, we can write a program to accommodate anything life throws at you.

I can only run for 5kms at the moment, is there enough time to train for a half or full marathon?

This depends on your running background. We recommend that you contact the intraining Marathon School coordinator to discuss which option is best for you.

I have had an injury in the past when I run long distances, will this affect anything?

The intraining Marathon School is designed on 3 days of running per week, each are quality sessions. We focus on a less is more approach. Whilst we can not guarantee you will not get injured, our program is designed on a progressive approach where each week builds on the previous, allowing your body to adapt to the training load.

400x400px_marathonschool_2018_images_deliveringondreams02Which school is better for me, half or full marathon school?

It is best to be realistic about your goals. If you believe you can complete a marathon in 2019, we say go for it. However, remember that a marathon is a long way and it is best to be prepared and enjoy the event, rather than struggling through and not finishing. As our coaches for advice if you are unsure on distance you wish to attempt.

Is intraining club membership included in the intraining Marathon School Fee?

Yes, club membership is included as part of the intraining Marathon School 2019 fee. The club membership includes a ‘Base Membership’ with QLD Athletics. The membership also includes complimentary insurance whilst you are training.

I am already a current club member, do I need to pay the club membership again?

No, the $60 club membership fee will be deducted from your Marathon School program fee.

Are the session training fees included in the intraining Marathon School Fee?

No, the intraining Marathon School fee does not include training fees. Training fees are on a pay per session basis and cost $5 per session to Marathon Schooler’s.

What do I get for my intraining Marathon School fee?

Please have a look at the costs link above for information on what you receive when you register for the intraining Marathon School.

What if I can’t make a session?

In your pack you will have a diary with suggested sessions for when you cant make it. It is always best to check with your coach first. Feel free to contact intraining Marathon School coordinator for more information.

Contact us

The first step in achieving your dreams of running a half or full marathon in 2019, starts with us. Please don’t be shy, if you have a question – simply send us an email. We will get back to you with the answers to your questions.

Remember, there are no silly questions. So please ask away!